Cruise ship crew MOB due to ‘depression’


Photo of Norwegian Getaway screen grab from Facebook/Mondo Navi.

“Kakalungkot din, so far nobody knows kung ano ang reason niya, but one thing is for sure. This guy had been devoured by depression, according to his timeline post,” said Facebook user Jay (not his real name), referring to the crewmember of passenger ship Norwegian Getaway who alledgedly went overboard on Saturday, June 30.

The cruise ship was reportedly sailing 28 miles northwest of Pinar del Rio, Cuba when the MOB accident happened.

According to our research, Jay works with Norwegian Cruise Line – the company who also employed the MOB “guy”.

Further, we learned from Jay that the casualty is a male “hotel utility” of Norwegian Getaway and “not a first timer” seafarer. Another trusted source then told us that the casualty’s name is “Francisco Santiago” ( Kiko Rakochi Santiago in Facebook).


Photo screen grab from Facebook/Kiko Rakochi Santiago

If Jay speaks the truth, we are saddened to know that another Filipino seafarer jumped off his ship due to depression.

A cruise expert said that 313 people have gone overboard since 2000. Likely, those who suffered from depression had acted suicidal.

To know the signs and symptoms of depression, and where to ask help for free, check below photo.

Signs and Symptoms of Depression

Photo credit: Philippine Daily Inquirer




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  1. maybe for some leaders onboard gave hard time to the crew member as well.. Politics onboare is rampant.. Be aware to your sorroundings.GBU all !!


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