Seafarers required anew to bring uniform for SIRB pic


Seafarers applying for a Seafarers Identification and Record Book (SIRB) or what is commonly referred by many seafarers as “seaman’s book” are required to bring their own uniform to MARINA starting July 15. This is according to MARINA’s Advisory No. 2018-16, Series of 2018 signed by Gen. Leonardo Guerrero, the agency’s chief.

“Notice is hereby given that all seafarers, who are graduates of BS Marine Transportation and BS Marine Engineering, and officers applying for SIRB are now required to bring their own appropriate uniform and shoulder board for image capturing purposes.

“For non-graduates, they shall wear a white polo with collar.” the agency directed seafarers, shipowners, manning agencies, other entities and individuals concerned.

Seafarers to bring uniform says MARINA

Photo courtesy: STCW Office Facebook page

Are you applying for a seaman’s book? If yes, what can you say now that MARINA has required you to bring your own uniform?

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  1. Why not just remove that uniform in your photo? why do we need to wear a uniform in the first place? Is it realy nescessary that you must wear a uniform for your SIRB photo? Is there any rules that this is a must? It does not make sense to wear a uniform in your photo for SIRB when your rank and actual job doesnt match onboard, besides of all nationalities only Filipinos are still wearing uniforms in their seamansbook. Its time to remove this requirement and put an end to this never ending issue.


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