How to be a certified ISPS Auditor in the Philippines


Filipino maritime security auditors at work. Photo courtesy: NAMSSA

To certify a local port, shipyard or ship’s compliance with the provisions of the International Ship and Port facility Security (ISPS) Code, a genuine auditor conducts thorough assessment of the body.

On this point, imagine yourself visiting a docked container ship in the Port of Manila. The moment you get on board, the gangway watchman snappily informed the ship’s duty officer of your presence

“ISPS auditor onboard, sir!” he said over the radio while warmly welcoming you.

As you proceed to meet the Captain waiting for you on his office, you suddenly had some deep realizations. You discovered that becoming an ISPS Auditor was something one can be proud of; the officers and crew cooperate with you all throughout your audit. Apparently, they want to pass.

You feel respected by them. In return, you do your job well.

If such is the case, it’s awesome to work as ISPS auditor, isn’t it? Hehe. But you might not be that kind of person yet. Siguro advance lang ako mag-isip. LOLs

But here’s what I would like you to know. Becoming an ISPS auditor is achievable.

How? Keep on reading, matey!

It’s time to be a maritime security expert

If you aspire to be a certified ISPS auditor or a maritime security consultant later on, these are the entry requirements:

I. You served onboard an international ship as deck or engine officer for at least 24 months.

II. You can climb the pilot ladder or gangway to get onboard a ship to audit.

III. You possess an ISPS External Auditor Training certificate.

The Nautical Maritime Safety and Security Agency, Inc. (NAMSSA) legibly offers ISPS External Auditor training in Manila, Cebu, Iloilo and Davao for aspirants.

The training’s duration is 3 or 5 days, mainly depending on your chosen training site.

In a short conversation with Capt. Leonilo Leonida, the NAMSSA maritime security director in Iloilo, I learned that the said training costs Php 36,000.00. But a “promo” can reduce the said price to Php 20,000.00.

But here’s more good news!

“For only Php 5,000.00, you can take the training. You just pay the remaining amount when you claim your Certificate,” Leonida happily shared.

IV. Lastly, you pass the Office of Transport Security’s (OTS) assessment.

Upon completion of your ISPS External Auditor training, you have to apply for your “Certificate of Maritime Safety Auditor”, a document being issued by the Office of the Transport Security (OTS).

Likely in the form of a written exam, Capt. Leonida said that there’s nothing much to worry about it since your comprehensive training provided by NAMSSA can help you ace the agency’s assessment.

If you have more inquiries, fill-in below form or text/call +639666801723.


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