John B – Arevalo unfolds AY 2018-19

The John B. Lacson Maritime University – Arevalo Campus jovially started the academic school year 2018-19 through an event dubbed as “Pang Abi Abi 2018”.

Reportedly organized by the school’s elected student leaders, the aforementioned event aims to cordially welcome all new faces in the campus.

Further, the students were toured around the campus after the half-day long program.

Check these photos:

I. Dr. Corazon P. Brown, the principal of Senior High School gives a message.


II. After giving her message, Dr. Brown introduces the Senior High School teachers.


III. The Senior High School Music Club sings for the crowd.


IV.  JBLFMU-Arevalo’s Department Heads were presented to the crowd by the HR Coordinator.


V. The school’s adorable mascot and talented students dance the hit Korean dance song “Boom Boom”.


VI. Students enjoy a lot of fun and games during the event.


All the best in your studies, maritime vanguards!


How do you find your first day in school? Share us your thoughts. Write a comment below.


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