Seafarers axed due to unli-net surfing


Carnival Cruise Lines (CCL) fired a hundredfold employees who used an app called “Your Freedom” onboard ships. In Carnival Spirit alone, as many as 120 crew members were sent home, The Crew Center reported on Monday, May 21.

“Your Freedom”, an app designed to “access what is not accessible” online while “hiding the user’s network address” was said popular to Carnival crew in 2016-2017.

More than its capacity to bypass the ship’s internet proxy and firewall, “Your Freedom” is pocket-friendly.

The Crew Center detailed that by merely paying 7 US Dollars, a crew member enjoys unlimited internet access, surfing the net unrestricted good for half a year.

To surf social media sites on board, Carnival reportedly charges the crew 5 US Dollars per day. Consequently, “Your Freedom” curtails Carnival’s earnings.

Those crew members who got their hands in the pie faced tough disciplinary actions. Even those who served the company for more than a decade were reportedly axed. They are now “thieves” before the company’s eyes.

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