FBI to investigate MSC Seaside MOB incident




The man who went overboard MSC Seaside. Photo of Michael Majaba screen grab from Facebook / Michael Majaba while photo of MSC Seaside screen grab from Wikipedia Commons. All cropped from the original.

“FBI investigators are coming onboard MSC Seaside,” an insider who requested to remain anonymous told The Seaambassador today.

“They will likely investigate the recent MOB [man overboard].” he added, referring to the unfortunate event which prompted the luxury ship MSC Seaside to shorten its itinerary and search for the missing crewmember on Wednesday, May 16.

The MSC Seaside lost Michael M. Majaba, a Filipino working onboard as head casino technician. Majaba reportedly fell to the water from the 7th deck of the ship approximately 1 A.M., 8 miles southeast of St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands on May 16.

Despite the efforts exerted by the US Coast Guard to search the vicinity since Wednesday, reports said that Majaba’s body has yet to be recovered as of press date.

It was alleged that Majaba jump to the water due to extramarital affairs. (Read: Man Overboard due to extramarital affairs.)

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