Man overboard allegedly due to extramarital affairs


The man who went overboard MSC Seaside. Photo of Michael Majaba screen grab from Facebook / Michael Majaba while photo of MSC Seaside screen grab from Wikipedia Commons. All cropped form the original.

Michael M. Majaba, a 37 year-old Filipino seaman, fell to the cold waters 8 miles southeast of St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands on Wednesday, May 16. According to an Associate Press report,  the U.S. Coast Guard ended its search operations without recovering Majaba’s body in the vicinity.

 “Man overboard issues continue to be alarming for the cruise industry, with 22 people on average falling off a cruise ship every year.”

On why Michael went overboard, some cruisers alleged that it was due to extramarital affairs.

Connecting the dots, around seven sources who requested to remain anonymous implied:

“May GF [girlfriend] siya, pareho silang may asawa. Nalaman ng asawa ng babae at nagbanta na magsusumbong sa asawa niya at sa kumpanya. Ipapatanggal daw sila ni husband sa trabaho,”

( He has another woman at sea. The other woman is also married. Her husband knew their relationship thus, he threatened Michael that he would tell his real wife, and the company. He wants them to be fired.)

while one said,

“Ang isa pang kwento sa barko, asawa niya…kinakalabit ng kaibigan niya, so feel ko naghalo-halo na [sic] ang depresyon niya at nagsuicide siya.”

( Another story about him onboard, his wife has another man which is no other than but a friend of him, so I feel everything was mixed-up. He suffered from depression so he became suicidee.)

Having an extramarital affair is a common issue hurting seafarers and their families. A survey suggests that due to loneliness at sea, seafarers likely commit infidelity.

An insider informed us that an FBI investigation will soon start onboard MSC Seaside. (Read: FBI to investigate MSC Seaside MOB incident.)

Hopefully, this “extramarital affair” assumptions are not true. But if proven right, it pains us to see hearts stabbed multiple times by a double-edged dagger.

We will publish another blog post about the death benefits Michael’s family can claim. Unfortunately, a crewing expert we recently spoke with said that it would be unlikely for his family to get “millions” from the company. If this is true, follow this blog not to miss our next story.

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