Family of MOB seaman smells something fishy


Bernard visiting Singapore. Images screen grab from Facebook / Bernard Joven Cayunda Robin.

The family of missing seaman BERNARD JOVEN CAYUNDA ROBIN was likely puzzled of his sudden disappearance in the middle of the sea.

Bernard has sailed with MV Hwa Hung 220, a fishing vessel built in 1987 and flying a Taiwanese flag. His recruiter, TRIOCEANIC SHIPPING AND MANNING INC., alleged that he fell into the sea on April 26. It reportedly didn’t give further details.

Bernard’s family eventually wants to know more about the incident but a close family member confirmed to The Seaambassador that the agency told them to wait for September.

We asked why they have to wait that long to hear an update.

“Kaya September po kasi September pa pwede makausap ang kasamahan at kapitan ng barko,” the family member replied in an online interview.

(We have to wait for September. That’s when we could talk to his fellow crew and the Captain of the ship.)

Desperate to know the truth (and hopefully find Bernard), the family has started to tap the media.

“Opo sir. Kaya po lumapit na kami sa media.” the family member added.

( Yes sir, thesame reason why we seek help of the media.)

Meanwhile, Facebook user King Swapper’s posts caught our attention. He implied that he’s a cousin of Bernard and that the missing seafarer should ‘not be treated like a dog’.

“…April 26 daw po nahulog siya sa dagat, hanggang ngayon wala pa ring balita…at sabi ng agency hintay lang daw hanggang September dadaong ang barko. ‘Di po aso ang pamangkin ko para paghintayin kami ng ganun katagal…,”

(It is said that he fell in the water on April 26 but until now, there’s no updates about him.The agency said we have to wait until September when their ship docks. My cousin is not a dog for them to keep us waiting a long time.)


A screen shot of King Swapper’s Facebook post.

” Doyyy masakit na hangang ngayon wala pa kaming balita sayo…pero mas masakit makita mama mo, at mga kapatid mo, pinsan mo..apektado sa pagkawala mo..doyyyy saan ka man kung may nakada(m)pot sayo gawin mo paraan makakontak sa amin…bheeee miss ka na nmin bheeee mama , mo wala ng tigil iyak, ako dito di na makapagtraho ng mayos..sakit makita nahihirapan mama mo,at mga kapatid mo, at pinsan, auntie, uncle mo..doyyyy please tulungan mo kami mahanap ka..please love you doyyy hirapan na kami bheee kung kani-kanino na kami lumapit mahanap ka…doyyyy please… ” 

Text Source.

If you have information about Bernard’s whereabouts, immediately contact his family or send us a message.


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