MSC Cruises’ special hiring to take place in Cebu


Kestrel Shipping Incorporated (KSI), the local manning partner of MSC Cruises, announced that it will conduct a ‘Special Recruitment Activity’ in Cebu on May 21-22, 2018.

In Facebook, KSI detailed that the ‘open house’ recruitment is set at the Ground Floor of Cebu Capitol Building in Cebu City.


A MSC Cruise ship sailing at sea. Image screen grab from MSC Cruises Facebook Fan Page.

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Below are new job openings for those aspiring to work in a cruise ship.

  1. Kitchen Utility
  2. Cooks – All Level
  3. Bar Tender
  4. Assistant Bar Tender
  5. Bar Waitress
  6. Bar Boy
  7. Jr. Cabin Steward
  8. Hotel Cleaner
  9. Pool Cleaner
  10. Laundryman
  11. Floor Runner
  12. Jr. Waiter
  13. Utility Assistant Waiter
  14. Buffet Attendant
  15. Crew Mess Attendant
  16. Assistant Winekeeper
  17. Provision (Store)
  18. A/B (Able Seaman)
  19. A/B Fireman
  20. Oiler
  21. Wiper


What to bring

KSI said that applicants should bring their travel documents (if any) with the following:

a. for those with land-based experience:

– most updated Resume and Certificate of Employment; while

b. for those with sea-based experience:

– most updated Resume and recent shipboard appraisal.

If this is your first time to apply for a cruise ship job, here’s our guide and tips how you apply and be hired real quick!

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This post is inspired by Kestrel.


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