Ilonggo maritime grad brutally murdered in South Korea

Some South Koreans in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi Province were cleaning a factory water tank on April 3 but a shocking sight (we presume) suddenly made them weak at the knees. They found nothing but a human skeleton wrapped in a jacket inside the tank!

The workers immediately informed the authorities. Fast forward this early May, the police finally concluded that such skeleton belongs to Mr. Mikelangelo Claveria, a native of Cabatuan, Ilo-ilo, Philipines.


According to Park Si-soo of Korea Times, Claveria is nowhere to be found since 2016, around two years he first arrived in South Korea.

Police said the victim arrived in South Korea in 2014, worked at a paint factory in Hwaseong and vanished in January 2016. They did not give further details.

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This report somewhat goes with Facebook user Ettenaej (Jeanette) C. Gallego’s revelation. Through a lengthy Facebook post, Jeanette said that for two (2) years they had been looking for his brother, asking in particular his “colleagues” of his whereabouts but to no avail.

Nangarap, Nag OFW, Kinitil ang Buhay sa South Korea!!! Ganyan ang sinapit ng aming kapatid na si Angelo (Mikelangelo Claveria in Facebook) sa mga demonyo na “kasamahan” niya sa South Korea.

Two (2) years na naming hinahanap (From January 2016) ang aming kapatid sa kanila ngunit lahat ng mga sagot nila sa amin nag “TNT” Tago Nang Tago or Nag Artista na daw” dahil uso yan doon at naging kampante kami kasi sila palagi ang nakakasama ng aming kapatid tuwing holidays at off days nila.

A Lacsonian


“He (Mikelangelo) graduated from John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University – Arevalo (JBFMU-A) Campus in 2010, “a mourning relative and the victim’s former college classmate said in our short online interview.

“We were classmates during our second year college, class section Betelgeuse.”

JBFMU-Arevalo is a maritime university which offers Bachelor of Science in Maritime Transportation. It is located at Sto. Niño Sur, Arevalo, Ilo-ilo City.

Justice for Oppa


Before his body was concealed inside a factory’s water purifying tank, the investigators believe that Mikelangelo was terribly beaten up. The crushed left part of his skeleton likely supports this claim.

Meanwhile on Facebook, Jeanette was up in arms while seeking justice for her brother’s tragic end.

Ikaw na “Iguana” ka, lumabas ka na sa lungga mo, bilang na lang ang araw mo at magtrending na yang pagmumukha mo demonyo ka.

Nagawa mo pang manipulahin ang FB account ng kapatid naming! Terno talaga ugali mo sa mukha mo!!! At hindi pa kayo na kuntento na withdraw pa ninyo pala lahat ng laman ng bank accounts ng kapatid namin, sana nga ninakawan n’yo na lang, bakit niyo pa pinatay???

Kung inggit ang dahilan n’yo kung bakit n’yo nagawa yan, MAGBIGTI na kayo!!! Marami kaming hawak na katibayan kung paano n’yo tinrato kapatid namin. At kung paano n’yo kami pina ikot-ikot sa mga sagot n’yo sa mga katanungan namin.


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Photos screen grab from Facebook / Mikelangelo Claveria
Source: Facebook, Korea Times


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