Enjoying Antwerp’s sparkling nightlife

Antwerp, the second largest city of Belgium, is dubbed as ‘the diamond capital of the world’.

According to Antwerp City Info website, the city hosts more or less 70% of the world’s diamond trading. Since this is a century-old way of living, the locals  are observed adept to trade, cut and polish ‘girl’s best friends’.

I’m not a millionaire yet so forget these diamonds. Rather, why not let’s paint the town red!?

Whoooo..party, party! lol

Antwerp has a lively nightlife. This may be because Antwerpens really like to chill. In fact, one study shows that Antwerpens are the happiest people on earth, among all Europeans.

“They’re happy go lucky – but in a lovely way.” a tourist posted a comment online, referring to how Antwerpens live their daily life worrying less.

”This could be because of their easy-going lifestyle and their liking for good food,” the Antwerp City info website replied him.

“Since most of the locals are happy campers many tourists find their visit enjoyable and relaxing!” the website added.

So, where we go now?



pasito a pasito, suave suavecito

(Step by step, smooth and gentle)

Nos vamos pegando, poquito a poquito

(We start sticking, little by little)

We are…

with the jovial locals here inside The Park Avenue Karaoke Bar ! 🙂 🙂 🙂


Despite Rihanna’s absence in Park Avenue that night, her hit song ‘Please don’t stop the music’ sexed-up our souls.

Apparently on cloud nine, we stayed over six hours partying with the kind locals. The energetic crowd kept us drinking, singing and dancing ’till we literally dropped dead on the floor!

My talented colleagues entertained the crowd. Allan sung Carlos Santana’s ‘Black Magic Woman’  while Alfie sung John Legend’s ‘All of Me’.

And me? I’m wearing a black t-shirt on this #sucklaugh video. performing a ‘Low’ performance with Alfie.

Unfortunately, they say only diamonds last forever – not golden moments like this.

As we left the city, I was reminded of the British boy band One Direction’s hit song ‘Live While We’re Young’.

Louis, on his part, was singing right –  I wanna live while we’re young, We wanna live while we’re young!

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