A ‘dream come true’ cruise wedding

The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love, and be loved in return.

– Moulin Rouge


Married in a cruise ship. Images of Ritz and Pam screen grab from their Facebook accounts while the World Dream screen grab from

Newly married Filipino couple Ritz and Pam has shared us what it’s like to exchange vows in a beautiful cruise ship. But more than their dreamy wedding, their cool love story heartens us to believe hashtag may forever (a true and everlasting love exists)!

Here’s our interview with the power couple you shouldn’t miss to read-through.

Share us how you met each other.


Our fates first intertwined when we sought for greener pastures abroad. I was bound to Saudi while he’s to Germany to join his first cruise ship.

But before the day we separated ways, he was working at the Manila Peninsula Hotel. That time, we were able to date each other.

We dated for around 8 months then we endured a Long Distance Relationship (LDR) which lasted for two years.

When I went home after working as a nurse in Saudi, he invited me to cruise with him on the same ship he’s working at.

I am very happy to know that there’s still someone like Ritz who can love me faithfully, and has impatiently waited for my return.

What’s your secret to survive LDR?


We were in a long distance relationship for two years. It wasn’t easy. But since we loved and trusted each other, to survive LDR wasn’t that difficult. And if God is the center of your relationship, you’ll be surprised to realize that He gives you two the strongest hearts to love each other.

Getting married in a cruise ship is so cool! Have you ever thought of this idea before?


To get married in a cruise ship is a wonderful idea but it never ever crossed my mind. Even to at least get onboard, I thought it will remain as an unfulfilled dream forever.

Until one day, I met him. And the Lord’s provision keeps on coming to us.

On board their beautiful cruise ship, he proposed to me and I accepted him. Further, we celebrated the New Year, did our prenup and we finally tied the knot there!

Of all the places, why you wanted to tie the knot in a cruise ship?


The cruise ship is memorable to me. It was also owned by my company.

The ship is rarely visiting Manila. Fortunately, it arrives on our wedding day. I think it’s really the Lord’s will for us to get married in a cruise ship.

The blessings we received are overflowing. The World Dream crew, I consider them as my second family. They witness our love story.

These people are all important to me.

Who arrived to support your wedding and made your celebration extra special?


Our wedding which was held on board luxury ship World Dream is a dream we-dding for me.

All our guests enjoyed the event. Some said it was a very unique wedding.

To get on board a beautiful cruise ship docked at Pier 15. South Harbor, Manila is a first-time experience for our guests. Unsurprisingly, they were so amazed of the ship!

During our wedding, the renowned Master Chef David Choo stood as Ritz’s sub-father. His mother, fellow chefs and close friends also graced the event.

On the other hand, my sub-parents that time were my loving tito and tita. With them who attended my wedding were my older sibling, cousins and close friends.

Ritz, your boss at work stood beside you as a proud “father” on your wedding day. You must be very close to MasterChef Choo?


MasterChef David Choo is really one of my idols in life. Not only he is my boss but he is also a second father to me. He leads me in my career growth; he teaches me how to be a good and selfless man.

In your cruise wedding, what are those things which gave you a hard time?

Getting a clearance for our guests to enter the ship became a difficult challenge. We have to get every guest’s ID so the captain can sign each of their gate pass.

Further, the pier is so strict. I fixed the clearance by personally visiting all departments concerned. Then we have to secure our visitor’s car passes too.

The materials we can carry onboard were also limited. Even the use of drone, they didn’t permit it. But these struggles pay off. In the end, you see your wife and even your own family enjoying the wedding.

We’re both thankful that what happened was really our dream wedding.

Going back to you Pam, did you ever have second thoughts when you accepted Ritz’s love?

I never think of him as a “seamanloloko” (a womanizer seaman). If you know the person well, you’ll eventually trust him; You won’t think of him as a trickster.

And the key to a strong relationship is no other than but God. He should be the center of a relationship for the couple’s love for each other to stay forever.

Since the two of us came from broken families, we dreamed of building our own happy and unbreakable family.

How did you know he’s the one?


During the time I was looking for Mr. Right, I always remind myself of this one bible verse.

“But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.   Matthew 6:33”.

You have to seek the Lord first. If you do, you’ll have confirmation – not confusion. I believe that the Lord’s plan for you is good, pleasing and perfect.

On my prayers, I earnestly asked to meet a man who is kind, responsible, viceless, and God-fearing.

When Ritz came in my life, I felt He excessively blessed me since Ritz is so kind. He is likely the prince charming I have prayed for.

Lastly, how much is the cost of this kind of wedding?


Hahaha. I’m not sure how much they charged me for that cruise wedding. Although it looks expensive, it doesn’t concern me much. I will do everything for the woman I love.

You know when I saw her walking the red carpet, approaching me closer at World Dream, tears of joy fell from my eyes. It’s a very happy feeling that finally I’m marrying her.

Pangarap ko lang siya dati pero ngayon kabiyak ko na (She was my dream girl before but now she’s already my better half).

Someone said that once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.

We hope King Ritz and Queen Pam’s love story touches your heart today.

Watch their wedding video.


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