#LODI: This young seaman hints he won’t sleep with other girls in Brazil

Will you believe a seaman if he says he won’t be sleeping with a woman other than his girlfriend/wife?

Before saying yes, you might first want to look straight into his eyes, and ask him, “Weeh, ‘di nga?”

Facebook user Kerr Victor posted in one big seafarer online group below photo on April 8.


His caption, “Ako ang SEAMAN na kahit may pagkakataong mam-babae hindi ko pa rin gagawin. Dahil alam ko sa sarili ko na ang matinong SEAMAN, iisa lang ang prinsesa. 😊😊😊.” has apparently raised the eyebrows of his fellow seafarers on the group.

On the comment section of his post, many experienced sailors were observed picking holes and/or out-laughed Kerr’s thought.

Here are some of their comments.

Edsel Stacey Olaguer: 😂😂😂

Joseph A Chan: hahaha serena ka dong.

Oibnuda Olibag: Marami nang Marino ang nagsalita nang ganyan pero kinain din nila at yang sinabi mo ginagawa, hindi ipinagkakalat. Ultimo ka pa lang.


Armando Bonquin: ‘Wag kang magsalita ng tapos kabaro.


However, Kerr confidently went against the stream of negatives.

Replying to the comments of other Facebook user Cy Pineda, I learned from him that he works onboard a bulk carrier ship engaged in a world-wide trade.


In the end, Kerr reminded other doubting seafarer netizens that there’s nothing wrong with his post.

He wrote, ” Iilan lang naman po kayo ang may negative thoughts po. At saka wala naman po masama sa post ko. Kung sa tingin n’yo po hindi maganda. ‘Wag na lang kayo magcomment or just hide my post. Ba’t pa kasi nagcomment kayo.”


(Since I lost my virginity in Brazil (Joke!!!!😂)) I truly admire Kerr for having the courage to tell the world that he’s not seamanloloko.

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Now share this story and ask your seaman lover/friend if he can be like Kerr?

Why not, right!? 😂


All images screen grab from Facebook/Kerr Victor. Bottom photo cropped from the original.

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