In the middle of the sea, Bianca Manalo & Ehra Madrigal’s boat capsized ‘in 10-15 seconds’

Bianca Manalo Sea Tragedy

Bianca Manalo enjoying the sea (L) and after her rescue (R). Images screen grab from  Instagram/Binaca Manalo and Facebook/Bugtaw Banwa Page

Boat with celebs capsizes

What was supposed to be a relaxing Holy Week for actresses Bianca Manalo and Ehra Madrigal turned into a tragedy when the speedboat they were on capsized on its way to the town of Culasi in Antique.

But while the actresses and their significant others were saved, one was not so lucky. Bennie Dable, a cousin and bodyguard of Pandan, Antique Mayor Jonathan Tan, perished in the accident. Tan is Manalo’s boyfriend.

Tan told ABSCBN News that the boat was hit by a giant wave, which caused it to capsize. They were in the middle of the sea and Tan made the decision to swim to shore to seek help. He did so with a companion, Torrebeo Barrientos. It took them two hours and over four kilometers to reach shore and get some help.

“I was praying. I said, ‘Lord, I don’t want to be selfish, (but) please save me so I can save them,’” remembered Tan.

Local fishermen in Barangay Aras-asan in Sebaste town helped save Manalo, Madrigal and others. Also aboard the vessel were Madrigal’s husband Tom Yeung, Joyce Mallari and her two daughters, and Majel Tresche. “It happened so fast,” said Tan about being hit by a large wave. “In 10 to 15 seconds, the boat capsized. Everybody panicked. I had to do something.”

On the way back with the fishermen, Tan wondered if he was going to see Manalo again. “I cried. While we were on our way to them, I asked myself, ‘Am I going to see them again? Are they still there?’ It was the worst. It was like a movie,” said Tan. The survivors immediately received medical attention from the Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office after they were rescued. Manalo’s manager Jonas Gaffud told the Philippine Entertainment Portal that Manalo is doing okay. “She is still there (in Antique). But she was able to go to church already today. She was still crying when we were talking,” Gaffud said yesterday.

Source: PressReader.com/Sun.Star Cebu


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