Caviteño Bosun in debt turns ‘most wanted’ in social media

It has been five years since he lent money to a seaman, and at time his ‘friend’ in need.

But Facebook user Kyupputen Jakku likely regretted being that kind of good Samaritan to his creditor, Bosun Erlando (not his real name). As what he posted in one online group of seafarers, Kyaputten claimed that Erlando ignored his messages and calls. This after he willingly helped him with his child’s expenses.

Since he lost contact with his debtor, Kyaputten wrote his plea and even uploaded some personal photos of Bosun Erlando in Facebook.

The act was more or less like asking the whole world where to find the most wanted criminal.

Although this is not new, we’re so sad to think that it reached this lowest level of singilan ng utang.

Here’s Kyaputten’s post.


Dear friend,

Dna ako nakapagpigil pa sa panluluko nyo😎

Pakiusap naman at parehaS tayo na nagtatrabaho. We both work hard and earn the money you owed. When you need money for your son hindi ako nagdalawang isip na tulungan ka. I prayed for you to be blessed and pay your debt. Huwag naman masyadong kapalan ang inyong pagmumukha.Hindi na kayo nagpaparamdam kaya ako na ang magparamdam sa inyo kahit UNFRIEND nyo pa ako sa FACEBOOK at ayaw nyo na sagutin mga msg at call ko. Kumusta naman kayo dyan? Sarap buhay ba? Gusto nyo bang guminhawa? Aba mgbayad na, kasunod ay pagpapala. Naka ilang anniversary na kayo mag 5 yrs na wag nyo na antayin mag alay pako ng kandila para sa susunod na anniversary.

(Para sa makakapal ang mukha masapol nawa!)

Mga kabaro sino ang nkakakilala etong taong to. Siya ay c Bsn EL**** AB**** taga Imus, Cavite. Sana mapaabot sa kanya eto.

God bless and safe voyage to all of us!!!

No more most wanted FB post, please?

We wrote this blog post not because it’s somewhat scandalous but primarily because we believe that we could learn something from Kyuputten and Erlando’s story. Right?

Here’s our point.

A. If you are kind to lend money on someone’s request, be reminded that he/she might become your world’s Erlando (problem) soon.




B. Lastly, if you borrowed money from someone else and/or the bank, settle your debts fair and square! This is an absolute way for you not to be haunted by your disappointed lender.



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