Claudia Gaspar: The waitress alledgedly murdered by a Filipino seaman in Brazil

Rodney Aribal Carvajal, a 32 years old Filipino crew of cargo ship MV Star Lygra, was apprehended by the local authorities on March 21 for alledgedly murdering Claudia Helena Gaspar in Paranagua, Brazil.

Since the case is still under investigation as of press date, Rodney, whom Facebook user Emmanuel Bonus identified as ‘messman’, is presumed innocent until proven guilty.



Meanwhile, here are some things we would like you to know about Claudia Helena Gaspar, and her bloody end.

1. Horrific death


Unluckily, Claudia was merely 38 years old when she died. According to stories of some people who firstly discovered Claudia’s death, the place where she was murdered can be compared to a horror movie scene set-up. She was reportedly stabbed multiple times; they heard loud screams, her blood spewed and stained the walls.

2. Tagalog lover


Many women in Brazil who have often contact with Filipino seafarers can understand and/or speak Tagalog. We think Claudia, being a night house worker, is not excluded on our list.

On March 7, Claudia shared thru her personal Facebook account the appeal for help of sixteen (16) Filipino seamen onboard MV Panormitis. It was written in Tagalog, and was also posted on the same social media channel by Armel Olaño.

Big or small, thanks for your concern to our Filipino seafarers, Claudia.

3. Entertained by a Filipino


While doing a little research to know Claudia’s personality, we found out she shared in Facebook Sinon Loresca’s funny video.

Loresca, a Filipino and social media star was dubbed by many netizens as the “The Catwalk King”. He has uploaded many funny videos of him on social media mainly to entertain his fans.

We’re glad to know that Claudia was likely once in stitches watching Loresca.

4. Sizzling hot Claudia


This photo of Claudia in two piece swimsuit can make our summer even hotter. Agree?

Sadly, her ruthless killer covered her flawless white body with blood ’till her heart stopped beating.

Going back to Rodney, he was arrested onboard his ship. The police observed that his hands were injured, and dirty clothes stained with blood were found on his cabin.

Was it really Rodney who killed Claudia? We don’t know yet. But for Facebook user Ar Ceus, Claudia doesn’t deserve such untimely death.


5. Mama has died

Beside Claudia’s cold body, investigators reportedly recovered a wallet containing some documents of the suspect, men’s sneakers, underwear and some foreign currency.

Claudia’s family and friends were eventually hurt of her tragic passing. If Facebook user Gherard Gambalan’s posted comment is true, it would be more heart sinking for her daughter to accept that her mom was gone forever.

God, bless her soul.




Source: Cidadao em Acao

All photos of Claudia Gaspar screengrab from Facebook / Claudia Gaspar, cropped from the original.



What can you say about Claudia and Rodney?

Share us your thoughts. Leave a comment below.



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