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Carnival Cruise Ship Jobs: How to apply and get hired

Carnival cruise ship

A Carnival cruise ship in dry dock. Photo screengrabbed from Carnival Official Facebook Page

Carnival Cruise Line, a world-renowned cruise company, hires ambitious and hardworking people around the world to work on-board their massive luxury ships.

On this blog post, we will give you some ideas of what are the perks cruise ship crew of Carnival likely enjoy, and how you can apply for a job if you’re a Filipino. This sounds cool kabayan, isn’t it? So keep reading!

I. Choose Carnival

We asked some of our friends of what benefits they enjoy as crew of a Carnival cruise ship.

We think that knowing what makes life more fun at Carnival would help cruise job hopefuls decide to sail with this award-winning cruise line in the near future.

Of all the feedbacks we received, Mr. Jay Garais, a Hotel Service Technician working onboard Carnival Magic, was on the level to share us various benefits which make them delighted to work at sea.

Jay Garais

Jay Garais holding his Employee of the Year certificate of recognition. Photo screengrabbed from Working Pinoy Cruise Ship Facebook group.

“Sa mga mahilig magparty…once a week (dance, dance, and meet new friends). The party usually starts at 11:30 PM,
“Bingo Bonanza once a month, 20 dollars to pay for 9 bingo cards. Pwede manalo up to 5,000 US dollars or up sa sale plus raffles, laptop, cp, gadgets, etc.,
“Weekly food party (lunch/dinner),
“Lastly, sports tournaments, i.e. basketball, volleyball and billiards.”

Thank you Jay, and congratulations for being awarded as Carnival Magic’s Employee of the Year 2017!

Seemingly, Carnival values its crew. As posted on its website, below statement can make you hit the road with them.

For over forty years we’ve strived to provide a comfortable, fun and inclusive working environment for our employees. Discover it for yourself and we promised you won’t be disappointed.

II. Where to apply

In the Philippines, Carnival has two recruitment partners.


If youre applying for a hospitality job, you may apply online or walk-in at United Philippine Lines (UPL).

On the other hand, if you’re applying for deck or engine jobs, you may apply online or walk-in at Bahia.

Check Job Openings  & Apply online

III. Get hired real quick

Dreaming to work in a cruise ship is easy but getting hired is another story.
👉 Do you have work experience?
✈ Are you travel ready? Or
🌊 have you been trained to fight fire or survive a shipwreck at sea?

If you answered NO to these three questions, we think that to be hired by UPL or Bahia, you have to crawl from Luneta Park to Quiapo Church. Once you arrive at the basilica, pray and give thanks to Him. To crawl is not funny, isn’t it? Of course, we’re just kidding!

But on how arduous for one unexperienced applicant to be hired, imagine yourself  really crawling from Luneta to Quiapo. That’s how hard it might be.

Nevertheless, we still got you. Kindly click and don’t skip reading below blogpost. More tips about the required work experience, travel documents, and safety trainings are detailed here.

👉 Cruise ship jobs: How to get hired real quick



What can you say about Carnival Cruise Lines?

Where are you planning to apply for a cruise ship job, Bahia or UPL?

Share your thoughts. Post a comment below.



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  1. hi pano po mg apply sa cruise mg expire na ung contrack ko dito sa pinag trabahohan kung restaurant sa kuwait 2 yers contrak ako dito bilang dining staff,gusto ko sana ma experience mg trabaho sa cruise….thanks…


  2. How can I apply? I am an HRM graduate nakapag work na po ako dati sa barko as OJT I have a lots of training na during nag aaral ako. pero nung nag graduate ako nag wrok ako as office staff. And now I decided to pursue my course.


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