MARINA goes into overdrive to comply with EMSA deadlines


Post updated: 03/03/18

The latest European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) inspection conducted on March 13-23, 2017 has identified some deficiencies in the country’s Maritime Education, Training and Certification System. This reached the European Commision (EC), and upon thorough assessment, the body has set some deadlines for the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) to likely fix the noted issues.

Starting end of April, the EC expects to hear some ‘improvement’ from MARINA.

Below are certain deadlines given by EC.

April 30, 2018 – measures which have been put in place or intended to be put in place corresponding to the areas to be improved;
October 31, 2018 – evidence of implementation of such measures; and
October 31, 2019 – evidence that the supporting information technology systems have been developed.

It is said that around 29,000 Filipino seafarers are working in European-flagged ships. If the EC’s noted deficiencies aren’t rectified in due time, these seafarers (we presume) might be on risk of losing their jobs.

Meanwhile, on a press release statement, MARINA assured the public that they’re working hard to comply with EC’s requirements.

The MARINA, on behalf of the Department of Transportation, wishes to inform and assure the country’s maritime stakeholders that this matter is being dealth with seriously, all efforts and actions needed are being undertaken and we, are confident to highly satisfy and fully address the concerns identified and submit the requirements of EC on the dates specified.

Source: STCW Office

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