Featured Cruise Crew: Jay

Jay Rufino

Jay Rufino

After I finished my degree, I start working in the Food & Beverage. I like bars, cocktails and nightlife, so I decided to be a part of this big industry.

I (have) worked (in) some bars in Manila, international hotels and Cruise ships, such as TGIF, and Pier One Philippines (among others). I worked well in Hilton Shanghai China, Sheraton Abu Dhabi Hotel & Resort UAE, Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore, Thomson Cruises and presently,( I’m onboard) Viking Ocean.

That was a great experience for my career. From 2001 to 2010, through this time, I travelled and competed in 11 different countries. I achieved more than I have thought of, not only in results of the competitions but mainly in passion for this magnificent industry and profession.

I got invited to participate to IBA World Classic Cocktail & Flair Competition in Rio de Janeiro Brazil 2002, ( 4th place & (the) only Asian finalist),
and in other countries:
• Stuttgart Germany 2002, (Gold Medallist)
• Kaoshong Taiwan International Cocktail Competition 2004,(1st Runner Up)
• Hongkong Asia Pacific 2005, (Champion)
• China Guangdong 2005, (1st Runner up)
• IBA Helsinki Finland 2006, (2nd place)
• Lisbon Portugal 2007 (2nd runner up)
• Après Extreme Flair Competition Dubai UAE 2009, (Champion, 3rd time winner in Dubai Competition).
• Recently featured with article in the Singapore Business Times Magazine Sept. 2010
• and Best cocktail concoctions Award in Singapore cocktail concoctions of the month of April 2011.

Filipino Brother & Sister in the industry, Let’s continue for being world class in Hospitality Service.

(The) past is your experience, (the) present is your experiment, (and the) future is your expectations.

Use your experience in your experiment to achieve your expectations.


This story first appeared in Working Pinoy: Cruise Ship Facebook group. Minor edits have been made by editors. 



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