Alleged corruption in MARINA is rampant ‘from the officials down to the security guards’

Corruption Alert

A Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) official alleged that a lot of their agency employees are corrupt.

Speaking to The Philippine Star as an anonymous source, he then suggested that the Congress should  investigate his observed ‘irregularities’.

This is what he exactly said in The Star’s news report:

” The discovery of an attempt to sell the leaked exam was just the tip of the iceberg. There are a lot of moneymaking schemes in the agency and a lot of people, from the officials down to the security guards, are involved in corruption. It is about time for Congress to investigate these irregularities because the shipping industry will suffer,”

Furthermore, same source reportedly exposed to The Star that some despicable people can ‘manipulate’ the marine officers’ exams.

He added,

” There are people in the agency who are in cahoots with the developer because they have access to the source code and are able to manipulate the examination.”

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If the source’s claims are true, we will not be surprised to know that our dear mateys might blow a gasket.

Source: PressReader.com/ The Philippine Star

Images screen grab from Facebook accounts of The Philippine Star and STCW Office.

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