PCG Band made some Filipinos’ celebration of Valentine’s Day more romantic


The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) Symphonic Band successfully held a Valentine’s Day Concert at The Orchidarium, Luneta Park, Manila, on nightfall of February 14.

The band’s “Music of the Hearts” concert (we presumed) invigorated the hearts of the audience to believe in the magic of love.

But more than giving kilig through their songs particularly to couples who dated in Luneta Park that time, the PCG said that their concert aims to promote the agency’s image and educate the public of its role in protecting our maritime nation too.

“The activity aims to promote the image of the PCG and to further educate the public on the roles and functions of the Coast Guard in protecting the Maritime Nation aside from showcasing the musical skills of the PCG Symphonic Band members.”

– Tanod Baybayin (PCG Official)

Click here to watch the Facebook video of “Music of the Hearts” concert.

Images screengrabbed from Tanod Baybayin/Facebook.

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