Sharp look-out required! These suspected robbers boarded a foreign ship in Manila


Early morning of January 1, seven people had trespassed MV Polar Ecuador while most of her crew were sleeping. They stole some valuable items, and were then quick to flee the 230 meters long anchored ship.

But it didn’t take long for the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) to capture them. Upon receipt of the incident report sent by the ship’s Captain, the PCG deployed its patrol boats. They searched the vicinity to locate the perpetrators, and their effort was reportedly successful.

The PCG saw the alledged robbers aboard a motor banca. They were carrying a welding machine, breathing apparatus, extension wire and some paint the time they were apprehended. Presumably, they stole these equipment and the banca.

Meanwhile, Tanod Baybayin (The PCG Official) posted in Facebook on January 4 the identities of the alledged sea robbers. Five were caught while the other two unfortunately managed to escape by jumping in the water.


They were identified as Ronald Paquibol Y Tangayan (36), Mark Anthony Sabi Y Pawe (22), Jonathan Paquibol Y Tangayan (31), Benido Alindaw Y Danilo (21), and Lemuel Dayota Y Collera (16), all residents of Baseco Compound, Manila. The two others who escaped were identified as alias Mac-Mac and Victor Paquibol.


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Sources: Hellenic Shipping News, Philippine Coast Guard

Photos of MV Polar Ecuador and suspected sea robbers screen grabded from Ships and Photography At Sea and Tanod Baybayin Facebook Pages, respectively.

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