2018 Schedules of Oath Taking for Marine Officers


The STCW Office posted in Facebook the MARINA approved schedules of Oath Taking for Marine Officers Friday, February 9.

According to the agency, the Oathtaking ceremonies were to be held in Amosup, Intramuros, Manila, on below schedules:

February 22
March 21
April 26
May 31
June 25
July 26
August 30
September 27
October 25, and
November 29.Screenshot_2018-02-11-14-53-23

Seafarers interested to join these oathtaking ceremonies were advised to register first.

What to bring:
(1.) COC/COE then file for MARINA ID, (2.) SIRB and
(3.) Complete uniform with proper bars.

Upon registration, the final list of oathtakers will be posted by MARINA’s Examination and Assessment Division before the scheduled ceremony takes place.

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