Six health benefits of swimming the sea

Swim the sea

Some people want to live longer. Thus, they shed their hard-earned money buying products and services which are frequently advertised in TV as ‘health boosters’. I think the rich ones can repair their aging cells in just one-tap-of-an-app. They log-in to their accounts, and download the pricey cure from the Appol store!?

Kidding aside, whatever it is you would like to purchase, it’s all up to you. Just be wise in spending though for you might have more money than sense. There’s a lot of products and/or services in the market today that are actually unnecessary to avail should you wish to attain a good picture of health.

Getting natural & practical, did you know that the sea can generally help you to live longer? Yes, this claim was proven by some scientific studies.

Since it’s good for your health and physique, why not take a seawater bath more often than ever?

Here are the six reasons why.

1. Strengthens the immune system

The white blood cells protect your body from infections. This means, the lesser white blood cells your body has, the more chances you may get sick.

Some Czech researchers discovered that a cold water immersion increases a person’s white blood cells count. Those who dip in cold water three times a week had experienced a significant rise on their immune fighting cells.

2. Calms the mind.

Whenever you feel that your world is turning upside down, take a break and walk by the nearby seashore. Watch the golden sunset/sunrise and listen to the rhythm of the wavelets rolling over your feet. Don’t you find it scenic? Oh well, enjoy the view for free!

On the other hand, Dr. Sergio Leiz Alvarez of The Maitland and Kurri Kurri Hospital writes online that swimming in the ocean can be ‘relaxing, meditative, and reduces stress’.

3. Cures skin diseases

There are more sodium, calcium, chloride sulphate, and magnesium minerals dissolved in seawater than in freshwater. These elements, according to experts, can cure skin illnesses particularly psoriasis and eczema.

4. Tones the muscles

Swimming is a funtastic form of work out! When you swim, you use most of your body’s muscle groups.

A more effective aerobic exercise than running, a Lifehack article revealed ‘a strong 30 minutes butterfly speed session burns 150 more calories than running a 5km in thesame time frame’.

5. Glows the skin

Author Sarah Hansen shared online the drastic improvement on her skin since she started to work-out in ocean waters.

She said that the sea water can detoxify and retain moisture in her skin.

6. Sharpens the brain

Did you know that the more you swim, the smarter you may become?

In Australia, experts had discovered that a group of kids who swam regularly had faster confidence, fine motor skills, and language mastery skills development than those who weren’t swimming during the conduct of the study.

Ohrayt. The sea is calling. Who wants to swim with me? 😊 Let’s gooo!

Beach ready

Note: Always SAFETY first.


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