But you said you love me. How could you lie?

Unfaithful lover

I’m happy, I am happy, that’s what I think,
You’re free, carefree as you can be, that’s what I thought,
I want the relationship to mature, that’s why I lied,
Break-up; that’s what I brought.😓
I, suddenly, am reminiscing,
How you started to become my everything,
Could have given you literally anything,
Yet you chose him over me and left me with nothing.🤔
I begged you for forgiveness,
Asking the Gods of Olympus for you to come back to me,
Yet you stood still with a smile,
And chose him over me.😒
T’was that time when I looked at you straight in the eye,
You didn’t blink nor falsely cry,
How could this be? I asked myself why…
You said you love me; My love, how could you lie?🤔
We have been through all kinds of weather,
Yet our love slowly withered.
Our flocks could have almost be of the same feather,
Yet you said he’s better.😒
2 years of love, My love, was it really gone to waste?
You’re pretty fast, so was he, t’was almost like a race,
24 months over 1 week, uggh, I am amazed,
You must be pretty good at math; wanna set you ablaze! 🔥
With all that being said and removed from my system,
Hear me out, I just want you to listen,
Congrats to you and to your new boyfriend,
Hope y’all go immediately to heaven 😜 😇
Haha.. kidding aside my dear 😝,
Please bear with my craziness; you know I’m weird,
Anyway, I’m happy for the both of you,
Just please don’t call me if that f***** hurts you 😜😜😜
PS: This is absolutely not BITTERNESS, as most of you might  think, in tagalog HINDI PO ITO HUGOT!

I’ve originally made this poem for a friend of mine, unluckily, yung mga hugot ko pala dyan sa poem na para sa kanya is babalik pala lahat sakin 😂😂😂

This is me saying thank you and goodbye.

*recommendation: Read this while listening to “Hayaan mo sila” by ex-battalion.

Share to someone na makakarelate 😁😍😘


This story was contributed by Sea Manunulat.

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