Where is Stellar Daisy’s ‘blackbox’?


In South Korea, the devastated families of some missing crew of the ill-fated bulk carrier ship Stellar Daisy insist that the vessel’s blackbox has to be recovered. They believe that finding the ‘blackbox’ or Voyage Data Recorder (VDR) could answer their questions on why the ship sunk, and who should be held accountable of the mishap.

So far the families’ efforts to seek justice haven’t been enough though, the World Maritime News reports Tuesday, January 30.

In addition, their organization was asking the international community to help them build funds and encourage concerned authorities to resume the search operations.

In March 2017, the Very Large Ore Carrier (VLOC) ship Stella Daisy sunk off Uruguay. She was manned by 8 South Korean and 16 Filipino sailors that time. Of the 24 crew, only 2 Filipinos were rescued.

Reportedly, the two liferafts of Stellar Daisy were unaccounted yet. This might might be one of the reasons why these families presume their missing loved ones are still breathing at sea.

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Photos screengrabbed from MV Stellar Daisy Facebook page.



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