HIV+ seafarers are returning to sea


This February, some seafarers diagnosed with HIV are set to return at sea. The good news that they will able to resume work was shared by Positibong Marino Philippines Inc.(PMPI) in Facebook on Monday, January 22.

PMPI, a non-profit organization in the Philippines, envisions a world of healthy and happy seafarers. Its network of health and well-being advocates assist and empower Filipino PLHIV seafarers and their families.

Jebsen Gamido, President of PMPI, has shared the latest fruit of their labor in one Facebook group. This caught the attention of one netizen who confessed that he got cold feet accepting job offers upon knowing he’s HIV positive.

Netizen: How to [go back at sea] sir? I’m also a seafarer. I’m also applying to work in internationally-going ships. But when I knew that I’m [HIV] +, I stopped and ignored the opportunities.

To his inquiry, Gamido replied, ” Hi Adam. Connect with us. Message the page and we will get from there.”


Visit/Follow/Message PMPI Facebook Page.

Meanwhile, Jerry (not his real name) sent me a message in Facebook late night today. Upon introducing himself, he asked if there’s a local cruise manning agency which accepts HIV+ applicants.

Jerry: I would like to ask if there’s a cruise [manning agency] which accepts PLHIV?

I replied him, “You’re not the first time to ask this. Nevertheless, I suggest that you contact Sir Gamido. According to him, there are agencies accepting PLHIV. Message him on Facebook. You saw him right?”

At thesame time, I gave him Sir Gamido’s mobile number (as authorized).


In the month of November 2017, 894 new cases of HIV/AIDS and 13 deaths were recorded.

Seafarers, among OFW groups are prone to get HIV/AIDS.

Related reading: Five well-grounded reasons why seafarers get HIV/AIDS.

If you happen to sail with one HIV/AIDS infected seafarer, please get along with him accordingly.


On the other hand, if you were infected, please feel free to connect with us today.

We’re here to help you weather the storm. 💪

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