Becoming a MSC cruise ship crew

Post updated: 24/01/18

MSC Cruises, a subsidiary of MSC Group, is a Mediterranean-born cruise line which invested €6.5 billion in 2003, and another €9 billion in 2014 to produce state-of-the-art and next generation cruise ships.

According to its website, MSC Cruises is dominating the Mediterranean cruise market and has the youngest average age among global cruise liners in the industry.

Filipinos who want to work onboard MSC’s cruise ships can apply online on this link or walk-in at Kestrel Shipping Inc.(KSI) office, Bradco Avenue, Aseana 2 Building, Aseana City, 1702 Paranaque. KSI, under the flag of V.Ships Philippines, is the licensed local recruitment partner of MSC.

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These days, we noticed Kestrel’s several mass recruitment posts in social media. They have had recruitment activities held not only in Manila but in other parts of the country as well like Cebu and Pangasinan. This might be because of MSC cruise line’s serious plan to double it’s fleet by 2026, as what was also reported on the company’s website.

If you want to be updated of Kestrel’s latest job offers in Facebook, visit/follow their page.

These successive and massive recruitments delight us. Imagine, many and many more Filipinos will be given a chance to work in international cruise ships. They can earn a good living to support their families’ financial needs plus they travel to beautiful places of the world.


One of the lucky few, Mr. Yvanne Carmelo was hired to work as a Floor Runner. Last Dec 12, 2017 he joined MSC Meraviglia, a 315m long newest luxury ship of MSC Cruises which can carry up to 5,714 passengers worldwide.

A Floor Runner? Sorry, but we’re not familiar with this kind of job at sea. Are you? 😮

Okay, okay, time to hear from Yvanne, the jolly man. 😊

“I am a Floor Runner.. I dont have this specific work place because I always RUN! Haha!”

Kidding aside, Yvanne told us that being a Floor Runner, he regularly works hand-in-hand with cabin stewards.

“A Floor Runner’s job is to provide the cabin stewards fresh towels and linens, etc. At thesame time, we collect those soiled linens and towels – they have to be thrown in the linen chute,”

Additionally, he and other Floor Runners port guests’ bags.

“It is our job as well to do the loading and unloading of guests’ big luggages! Hahaha.”

Oh, that must have been a tough job. We’re proud of you, Yvanne and team! 😊

In-house training


We asked Yvanne what ensued after he and other applicants passed Kestrel’s rigid screening.

“All applicants who had passed the principal interview will have a 4 days in-house training. Topics included on this training are:
-Company induction (history, fleets etc.)
-Company rules, regulations and standards
-elaborating job descriptions
-safety onboard MSC ships
-harassment, compalain procedures etc.
-ILO and MLC training
-Anti Piracy training and PDOS,”

On what makes the activity fun and exciting, Yvanne told The Republic,”

“It was fun! Exciting.. Haha kase sa inhouse training pa lang.. nagkaka bonding na kayo ng mga kasama mo at sila din makakasama in the future sa ship.”

It was fun! It’s exciting since in the in-house training, you start to bond with other people who are also your future coworker.

Lastly, the trainees were privileged that the company shoulders the cost of their training and lunches.

“All for free!!! During the training, we had free lunch in the Vships restaurant. Haha.” laughful Yvanne said.

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Photos screengrabbed from and Yvanne Carmelo/Facebook.


What can you say about working in MSC Cruises’ ships?

Like Yvanne, would you apply for a job at Kestrel too?

Share your thoughts. Post a comment below.


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  1. I wish i could join/work with your company i have experience as a cabin steward for 14 years with carnival now i’m officially retired and looking for new experience and journey and continue my career especially in your company i’m interested one of my friend there working with your company and shared stories and working atmosphere me about your company and really enjoyed it his name ruel binasbas as a cabin attendant work with carnival before but he continue his career in your company so he encourage me to join your team and i’m really interested to work with your team. I applied there in v. Ships but i don’t have the latest appraisal company give me only a refference letter i hope that would help me to apply with your company and looking forward to work with your company in the near future thank you.


  2. I am very willing ang interested to join cruise ship. I can and willing to learn skills that I may not have yet but I have the attitude or character of Good and hardworking person.

    Jackielyn Boaquiña


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