Extreme fun your cruise squad won’t resist in Harmony of the Seas

To enjoy the holiday, some parents swim with their kids in the nearby beach while other families in the neighborhood hit the cinemas to watch newly released movies. Their common reason why they go together and enjoy life? We sum-up it in three words, and as what the late Princess Diana said, “Family is everything.”

Indeed, to spend quality time with the whole family is priceless. We believe it’s necessary, much more if a stronger than ever bond has to be forged among the family’s young and adult members.

For a change, why not bring your family onboard Harmony of the Seas (HOTS)?

Owned and managed by Royal Carribean International, the services being offered by the world’s biggest cruise ship (as of this writing) to their guests were observed to be excellent. Not to mention that in 2017, Harmony of the Seas won a Silver Travvy Award for Best Cruise Line – Family category.

You and your loved ones would likely have a cruise of your lives this year.

Let’s take a look what cool offers your adorable squad could enjoy when you cruise with HOTS.

Adventures in almost every corner

Show your loved ones that you seek extreme adventure, and that your a tough slider to beat.

Onboard HOTS, you can either loudly scream up in the air or happily race against the already rushing waters to the ground!

The Ultimate Abyss - Harmony of the SeasThe Ultimate Abyss

A record-breaking installation, The Ultimate Abyss is dubbed as the tallest slide at sea.

Save some might, hold your trembling core, and plunge down ten stories high!

Perfect Storm - Harmony of the SeasThe Perfect Storm

Speaking of Typhoon and Cyclone, we easily connote bad weather – the ones cruisers pray won’t hit their ship at sea. But in HOTS, the Typhoon is a yellow while Cyclone is a blue twist turning slide which excite passengers. And did you know that a more unforgettable slide usually happens in the Supercell? Yes, your Perfect Storm adventure won’t be completed if you miss the Supercell – a must-to-try slide which drops you in a massive champagne bowl!

Flowrider - Harmony of the SeasFlowrider

HOTS boasts it’s 40-foot long surf simulator. Grab a board and be tossed by the waves inside a cruise ship.Your loved ones seated on the Flowrider’s stadium would likely cheer you if you learn how to surf up a storm!

Ohrayt. Still have the energy to take your adventure to the next level?

Here’s more to tickle your spine.

Zip line and Wall Rock Climb - Harmony of the Seas

In HOTS, you would likely suspend yourself in the air, and race against your partner to reach the end! HOT’s zipline is 9 decks high – a thrill which Royal Carribean says the passengers won’t find in any other cruise.

Last but not the least, there’s a Rock Climbing Wall if you’re bold to conquer the boulders.Towering 40 ft above deck, many amateur and professional wall climbers opt-out their cruise here!

This is part 1 of our blog about top attractions found in Harmony of the Seas, the world’s biggest sailing cruise ship as of this press date.

Our next blog will feature show-stopping productions, and breathtaking performances passengers of HOTS likely enjoy.

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*Photos and video attached courtesy of Royal Carribean International.


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