AMARO III vs. RAMIREZ: Who is better?


Post updated: 28/01/18

Marcial Amaro III and Nelson Ramirez – these legendary Filipino Marine Engineers have big hearts to serve our seafarers, and may advance the development of our local shipping industry in general.

Amaro III is Maritime Industry Authority’s (MARINA) newly axed administrator while Ramirez is United Filipino Seafarers (UFS) vocal president.

When Amaro III was appointed as head of MARINA, we saw Ramirez loudly cheering for him. But it didn’t take long for one good friend to burn bridges. After few months of perhaps working together for the common good of the industry, the two became frenemies.

Ramirez, on some of his latest Facebook posts, repeatedly said that Amaro III’s controversial travels abroad made during his first year in office were ‘junkets’ – the very same reason why President Duterte fired him.

Further, if given a chance to be the next MARINA administrator, he accepts it but his ‘contractual’ term will last merely a year, as explained by him in social media.

Meanwhile, Amaro III defended his foreign travels. In one of his televised interviews, the alleged ‘adsentee head’ said that his trips were all work-related. Nevertheless, he accepts his sudden dismissal from office.

On this point, The Republic wants to hear your voice.

Who do you think has the heart of a true sea ambassador? Cast your vote now!


Photos  of Amaro III and Ramirez screengrabbed from TV5 News/Facebook and engr.nelson.ramirez/Facebook.


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  1. Mr Nelson Ramirez is a self-proclaimed Chief Engineer but he did NOT even passed the Chief Engineer Examination.
    Nor he is NOT a legend to Maritime Industry.
    He is after for his self-recognition and self-interest.


  2. If Nelson Ramirez knows that much in the industry why is he only on the streets and on social media? Is it because he is not fit for a PROPER and PROFESSIONAL JOB? I even think about how he will run the government office when he himself always blames everything to that office and convey with Seafarers who he didn’t even lend help at all?! If the intention is good then do good, at his age he should be doing something right for our country’s seafarers and his own commrades.

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  3. I absolutely agree.
    If Mr Nelson Ramirez is qualified to be a MARINA Administrator he should apply for the position.
    He does NOT need to recommend anybody.
    Ang totoo – hindi qualified si Mr Nelson Ramirez sa position.
    He is a self-serving narcissistic individual na masyadong bilib sa sarili.


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