Bulk Jupiter Tragedy: 2 died, 16 other crew missing

MV Bulk Jupiter of Gearbulk Norway AS

Over three years ago, MV Bulk Jupiter, a 31,256 Gross Tonnage bulk carrier ship being managed by Gearbulk AS, sunk in the turmoiled waters of South China Sea.

The tragedy has resulted in the loss of lives of the ship’s young Master and Chief Officer. Worse, her 16 other crew are still nowhere to be found, as of this writing.

The last day of search and rescue operation for these missing crew was on, or about January 6, 2015.

But the hopes of their families, and of various Search and Rescue (SAR) authorities to see them again in due time are truly unsinkable. In fact, ship’s passing today near Bulk Jupiter’s last known GPS position, 09° 01’01”N 109° 15’26”E, are advised to keep a sharp look-out and to report immediately any related information obtained while navigating the concerned area.


Sole survivor

Chief Cook Angelito Roxas, a native of Ilo-ilo City, Philipines, was Bulk Jupiter’s sole survivor.

A certified ‘Gearbulk Boy’, he had worked as a cleaner in 1996, became a messman in 1998, and finally, was promoted as Chief Cook in 2004 – all of these he achieved in Gearbulk fleet.

Roxas joined the ill-fated ship on May 15, 2014 in Jiangyin, China. He was 42 years old the time he survived the heart-breaking accident.

On his interviews by the local & foreign media, he revealed that the sinking of their ship was so quick. All he did to save himself was to grab his lifejacket and jumped at sea. Approximately 8 hours over the cold waters, he kept himself afloat while waiting for the rescuers to arrive.

Never forgotten


Onboard Bulk Jupiter while she had just celebrated the new year were 19 hardworking Filipino seafarers.

It’s still supposed a festive mood for each and every crew and their thoughtful loved ones at home. Bad luck, the loaded ship had foundered on January 2, 2015 and then disappeared approximately 150 NM off the coasts of South East Vietnam.

After the Chief Cook had been rescued, the bodies of the ship’s top two officers were also retrieved from the water by the rescue participant tugboat ‘m.v. Olng Muttral’.

The tugboat’s crew tried their best to revive the very weak Master’s body but to no avail, he passed away. On the other hand, a Bahamas Maritime Authority report has said that the Chief Officer was already deceased when he was recovered. They were 45 and 29 years old the time of their deaths, respectively.

Below is the crewlist of MV Bulk Jupiter our team was able to obtain. These men are in need of our deep prayers. May the good Lord bless their souls, and guide them to refuge.


Photos courtesy of The Bahamas Maritime Authority (ship), R.M. Reyes/Facebook (crew) and M. Ellaga/Facebook (message).

Source: The Bahamas Maritime Authority Report into the loss of MV Bulk Jupiter, Gearbulk, Facebook

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