Pag-IBIG Multi-Purpose Loan: How much money can you get?

Pag-IBIG Multi-Purpose Loan

When you’re short of cash, and there’s a lot of expenses to deal with, perhaps you find borrowing money from financial institutions a need. From big banks to Indians’ 5-6, there are indeed a lot of loan offers. One option to consider is a Multi Purpose Loan (MPL) offered by no other than but Pag-IBIG.

Pag-IBIG, the national housing authority of the Philippines, may grant cash to its bonafide member who has applied for MPL.

When his loan is approved by the body, the borrower may then use the money for:
-house repair
-minor home improvement
-home enhancement
-tuition/educational expenses
-health and wellness
-livelihood, or
-Other purpose not mentioned here.

Now, let’s check if you’re eligible to apply for MPL.

1.I have contributed at least 24 months.
2.If I apply for a loan today, I posted 5 non-stop monthly contributions in the last 6 months.
3.My account is not in default due to existing Housing Loan and/or MPL and/or Calamity Loan.

If you have answered YES to all these questions, you are some steps closer to fulfil your goal.

How much cash I get?

The cash grant mainly depends on how big is your total ‘savings’ or technically speaking, your account’s Total Accumulated Value (TAV).

According to Pag-ibig,the MPL’s loan value is a percentage of TAV. More or less,here’s how to calculate it:

A.24-59 monthly savings = Up to 60% of TAV
B.60-119 monthly savings = Up to 70% of TAV
C.At least 120 monthly savings = Up to 80% of TAV.

For example, if I have posted a continuous 30 months contribution of Php 200.00/month, I have plainly saved Php 6,000.00 (less agency’s interest/service charge, if any). My MPL falls to bracket A. Eventually, 60% of Php 6,000.00 (my TAV) is Php 3,600.00 only. When my loan is approved, Pag-IBIG may give me that maximum amount.

To know your actual TAV, visit any Pag-ibig office nationwide, call Pag-ibig’s 24/7 hotline (02) 727-4244 or send an email to:

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