Quick Passport renewal in DFA Rob Galleria for OFWs, PWDs & Seniors


Post updated: 29/01/18

The DFA Main and DFA NCR Central offices offer special lanes for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) and Senior Citizens who have to renew their passports at ease.

Thanks to DFA NCR-Central’s ‘OFW priority lane’, I was spared from securing an online appointment, a usual requirement when one has to get/renew a DFA-issued passport.

Now here’s how to renew your passport easily.

1.) Upon entrance, you’ll be advised by the guard on duty to log-in your name. Then, he asks you if you’re a land-based or a sea-based OFW. If you’re a seafarer, present your seaman’s book and your current passport.

2.) Proceed to RELEASING section to get the passport application form with an attached queue number.

3.) Fill-up the form, and ready the documentary requirements (see below list).

4. If your turn comes, stand-up and fall in-line to enter PROCESSING section. Inside, present your documents to be verified, and your passport to be renewed for cancellation.

If you correctly filled-up the form, and have complied with all the documentary requirements, the next step is to pay the cashier.

5. Finally, present yourself for the photo capture and encoding of personal details in the ENCODING section. Check the encoded data thoroughly since once printed, rectifying an erroneous passport is costly. Here you’ll be informed of the release date of your new passport too.

Few reminders:

  • The photocopy service is available inside the office. Ask any guard on duty and he will help you find its location.
  • Receive your passport at home, avail the courier service ( Php 160.00 only). Pass by at the courrier service desk right beside Encoding section’s exit door.
  • When personally claiming your passport, don’t forget to bring the previously cancelled one. I’m just not so sure if they’ll release the new one if you forget to bring it so follow what I advised here to avoid trouble.
  • You may want to connect with DFA NCR – Central in Facebook and inquire about the status of your passport. Go to and send a message with your Full Name, Original Receipt (OR No.), and Release Date.

Requirements for seafarers:

Submit original & photocopy of each document:

  • current passport
  • Valid Seaman’s Book
  • Seafarer’s Registration Certificate (SRC) ID or C2/C3
  • Latest Immigration Arrival Stamp (Application for renewal should be filed  within one year from the last arrival date in Philippines.)

* Additional document will be required if necessary.

Passport Renewal Fees, as of this writing.

a.Php 1,200.00 – 10 working days

b.Php 950.00  – 20 working days

Source: DFA

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  1. Hello.pwde po bang mag renew ng passport na walang appointment? Please reply i need it badly ☺ thank you so much!


  2. How about for the new applicants just like us? Is it possible if we can get to the passport one day process since we are new to this passport application? Cause it only says renew? . I just need an immediate reply please.


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