How to get MARINA Seafarer’s ID in just 60 minutes


All Filipino marine officers, either actively sailing and/or teaching in maritime institutions, are advised to possess a MARINA-issued Identification Card (ID).


Last Friday, October 13, I went to MARINA – Kalaw to get my own MARINA ID.

Guess what? I was able to complete the application in just one hour!

On how you can process it quickly too, here are my personal tips.

General requirements, as per CD No. 208-02 (Blue Form)

  • Theoretical Examination and Practical Assessment (For new passer)
  • Old PRC ID or MARINA ID or PRC Board Certificate
  • Seafarers Registration Number (SRN)
  • One picture – Passport size white background with appropriate shoulder board.
  • One Long Brown Envelope

How to process

  1. Start by getting an application form (Blue Form) with a queue number attached on it at Public Assistance Section, 5th Floor of MARINA-Kalaw building.
  2. Fill-up the form nearby MARINA ID section (see top photo), and wait for your number to be called. Once called, present your documents and picture on hand, as requested by the personnel on duty.
  3. Next is to pay the cashier at 6th Floor. But don’t forget to tear the application form in three parts (as marked by dash lines) and only give the AUTHORITY TO ACCEPT PAYMENT (ATAP) piece to the cashier along with the Php 250.00 payment.
  4. Return to MARINA ID section, present the CLAIM STUB and you’ll be advised when you can claim your MARINA ID at the Releasing Section. I completed all these steps at around 1100H, and was advised to claim my ID starting 1200H to 1900H that day. If not claimed, you can return to MARINA Office the following working days.

If you’re far away from MARINA-Kalaw, don’t worry since the nearest MARINA Regional Office (MRO) can issue you a professional ID, as per STCW Advisory No. 2015-26.

Just comply with the documentary requirements, and pay the processing fee accordingly.


*Bring the original documents for verification, and better photocopy each document before you start the application.

* If you’re actively sailing, bring your updated company issued sea service and valid seaman’s book (SIRB). I was asked to present these documents though they were not apparently written in the Blue Form.

*Be sure you have correct Seafarers Registration Number (SRN). If you don’t have one yet, read my other blog post how to get a SRN.

On the other hand, if you’re applying for an Instructor or a Domestic Professional Seafarer ID, here are the additional requirements.


  • Certificate of Employment from School/Training Center (Indicating the Subjects and Duration of Teaching)
  • PRC ID or Board Certificate
  • Interim Accrediattion as Instructor (For Training Center Instructor)
  • ID from Maritime Training/School Institution


  • DCOC or PRC ID or Board Certificate
  • Company Sea Service Certificate or SIRB


I hope you find this blogpost helpful.

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  1. tanong lang po kung security po ang position mo sa cruiseship pwedi po ba kumuha ng marina ID Kung sakaling pwedi po anu po ba ang requirments


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