Bless our seamen, Our Lady Star of the Sea

Many Filipino seafarers, either toiling at sea or resting ashore, are devoted and thankful of the Blessed Virgin Mary not because of her indispensable role in humankind’s salvation but also she’s one of their guiding stars at sea.

Few weeks ago, we visited Antwerp’s Seaman’s Club – Stella Maris. Inside the center, we got curios of the word ‘Stella Maris’ and of its meaning. Upon asking google, we learned that Stella Maris is a Latin term of Star of the Sea.

Our Lady, Star of the Sea is the Blessed Virgin Mary’s timeworn title. She’s the patron of The Apostleship of the Sea (AOS), a global group of port chaplains and other volunteers which advocate seafarers’ rights and advance their welfare.

For example, the Antwerp Seamen’s Club – Stella Maris has provided a free bus service for seafarers who want to relax and explore the diamond capital of the world. This kind of support help seafarers save as much as 160 Euros on their transportation cost!


©Stella Maris UK

Moreover, AOS has offered 12 Stella Maris Masses this September.
If you sailed in Nottingham, visit the Cathedral of St. Barnabas at 1300 hours Local Time, and join the Eucharistic celebration led by Bishop Patrick McKinney.

Aside from attending the mass, we can pray the Holy Rosary before the image of Christ’s Mother too.

Our never ending thanks to the dear Stella Maris for her unconditional and motherly love for seafarers!

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Photos of Stella Maris screengrabbed from Wikipedia and AOS UK website.

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