DOWNLOAD FREE Gyro Error Calculator

Hello matey, this calculator will help you determine the ship’s gyro compass error fast and easy.
Yes, no need for Tables A, B and C! (You know what I mean.)

Here’s how to use it.

  1. Sight the celestial body and record the Gyro Compass bearing (GB).
  2. You also need to record the following right after the sight was taken: (1) UTC Time, (2) current GPS position, (3) the ship’s gyro and compass headings and (4) Variation.
  3. In the Star Finder sheet, update the cells UTC, Body (if known only), Latitude and Longitude only. No need to update the ‘Date’ unless otherwise your computer’s calendar is wrongly set.
  4. Click ‘Click to advance 5 minutes’. The celestial bodies re-align on the chart.
  5. If you don’t know the name of the celestial body yet, most probably a star, refer to the horizontal vales of the chart. For example, when your GB is 090◦T, check what star lies straight above 090 in the chart, and you’ll know its name.
  6. Mouse-over in the celestial body sighted, and you’ll get its True Bearing (TB).
  7. Voila! you can now solve the ship’s Gyro Compass error. It’s the difference between the celestial body’s GB & TB. If GB>TB, affix West. If not, affix East.


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