Genting Dream passenger ship visits Boracay

From sophisticated decors hanging on its walls to mouth-watering foods being served to passengers onboard,Genting Dream likely offers an unforgettable cruise.

Last Aug 30, the Singapore-based luxury ship reached Boracay Island, a leading tourist destination in the Philippines. She brought around 4,000 guests on this maiden voyage.

Meanwhile, the people of Aklan province were ecstatic to welcome the tourists. They had hung tarpaulins, and made noise on social media about Genting Dream’s arrival.

Some people were so lucky to get onboard, and had personally witnesssed the kind of magic Genting Dream offers her dear guests and crew?


© MB Bernabe

Marsh Baron Bernabe and colleagues had embarked Genting Dream thesame day she dropped her anchor in Malay, Aklan. As they toured the ship, Marsh couldn’t help but fall in love especially with her grand Dream Palace.

“It was a new ship, and of course all inside are the latest technology.

“I’m surprised of their boutique hotel inside the cruise. I think only the rich people can be there.

“It’s separated from the rest of other passengers’ accommodation. That’s their Dream Palace.”

How about the ship’s cozy pool and restaurants?

“The slides leading to the pool is also cool. Restaurants are also nice. Good food, too,” Marsh told the Republic.

Finally, Marsh has this to say if getting on board either for work or travel is not your wildest dream yet.


© MB Bernabe

“All inside will leave you in amazement. You won’t even know you are in a cruise [ship]!”

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Further, be inspired of Genting Dream’s award-winning chef artist.

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Image courtesy of Dream Cruises and MB Bernabe.

What can you say about Genting Dream’s amenities?

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