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5 Common health problems seafarers acquire at sea

Ever wondering why some seafarers’ health are easily shattered while they toil at sea?

Here’s what Filipino researcher Ernesto R. Gregorio, Jr., MPH, would like us to understand about it.

1. STIs are prevalent among seafarers.
According to the study, Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) were the most mentioned health problem of merchant mariners.

Seafarer respondents, who used to work in bulk and tanker ships had revealed one of the reasons why. Sex workers in Brazil look a lot like (or even prettier than) Philippines’ top paid actresses.

Sadly, even the strict compliance to an international security regulation of ships and ports aren’t effective to totally stop sex workers to run after seafarers, or vice versa, in some ports of the world.

2. Tanker Effect is real.
Have you heard of an illness called ‘Tanker Effect’?

Ohrayt, those who work in oil or chemical tanker vessels has to know this.

Tanker Effect is a common illness among those chronically exposed to fumes.

The symptoms? Someone who has tanker effect shows absent-mindedness, irritability and having blank stares, or showing signs of insanity.

3. To others, lechon is life but we believe that too much lechon is deadly.

Seafarers working in luxury and cargo ships were aware that high dietary meat and fat cause hypertension (now, imagine the roasted pig’s crispy skin 🐷 ).
Additionally, the lack of alternative food choices, and a lazy cook may exalt their bloods to boil too.

Who wouldn’t suffer from heart attack if you’re eating fried pork every day? Right, cookie?

4. Alcohol elevates SGPT.

Informants of thesame study discerned that elevation in liver enzymes, specifically SGPT, was because of excessive alcohol and fat intake.

Seafarers drink alcohol maybe for fun or even to forget family and/or financial problems.

Hopefully, whatever reason he may have in mind, one drinks alcohol moderately.

5. Lastly, pigging seafarers are multiplying.

Meals are served free for every crew at sea! However, some seafarers are over-eating. Hence, they soon suffer from obesity.

STIs, Tanker Effect, Hypertension, elevated SGPT and Obesity are types of diseases likely acquirable at sea.

We heard a handful of stories that due to bad pictures of health, some seafarers were untimely sent home while others had experienced delayed ship embarkation.

Repeatedly, we remind our dear seafarers that prevention is better than cure. Avoid the aforementioned disease’s causations. Choose to live a healthy lifestyle!

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Image courtesy of Pixabay.
Reference:‘The Filipino Seafarers’ Lived Experiences Aboard International Shipping Vessels: A Basis for Health Promotion Intervention. A research study of E.R.G. Jr.

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