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Pinoy ex-construction worker is luxury ship’s star carver

The legendary American athlete Jesse Owens once said,

We all have dreams but in order to make these dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort.

A talented fruit and ice carver has likely believed Owens. Hence, he turned up trumps!

Meet Ritz Pedroso Madhay, a proud and artistic chef working onboard the luxury ship Genting Dream.


Here are six facts about Ritz that may inspire you to reach for the moon today.

I. Ritz was born poor. More heartbreaking, his father died when he was just eight years old. But the poverty didn’t stop him to finish his studies while he supported his siblings’ school finances at time.

II. Ritz worked as a salesman after he graduated high school. Then after, he moved to Manila to find a job.

In Manila, he wasn’t picky to work in one construction site. Here he started to show his creativity by turning pieces of granite into one beautiful table – an art which earned him his employer’s trust.

III. He had worked at one SM Mall after he gave-up the construction job.

Though on the breadline most of the time, he still continued his studies. He took Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering in college.

In God’s grace, he completed his degree while working hard at SM.

IV. The costly licensure examination pushed him to work as a hotel security guard instead of becoming a civil engineer.

Regularly stationed in the hotel’s lobby to watch over visitors, Ritz on the other hand became curious of baristas working nearby his post. For this reason, he gradually learned their work and coffee recipe when not busy doing his security duties.

V. After some years of switching jobs while meeting both ends meet, Ritz seemingly found his plum job.

He surrendered his assigned gun and set of bullets. On thesame hotel, Ritz had resigned as a security guard and applied anew for a barista waiter job. Eventually, he was accepted to serve coffee tables.

But beyond his call of duty, Ritz embellished buffet tables of his cool fruit and ice carvings.


Asked how he had learned how to carve like a pro, he told The Republic that he gained knowledge by merely watching some tutorial videos in YouTube.

VI. Lastly, Ritz gained more experience when he started working at the Manila Peninsula, a 5-star hotel in Makati City.

Earning a solid experience from Manila Pen, he was quickly accepted after he applied for a cruise ship job.

This July, The Genting Dream gave Ritz the prestigious Dream Maker of the Month award. Undoubtedly, this is because of his excellent work performance at sea.


Like Ritz, work hard and creatively carve-out your design of a promising future!

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Photos screengrabbed from Facebook / Ritz Madhay

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