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IMEC maritime scholarship guide

More than 10 years ago, the International Maritime Employers’ Council (IMEC) has started a cadet-training program that nurtures young Filipinos’ dream to become world-class ship officers.

According to IMEC’s website, over 600 cadets have successfully completed, with 480 more undergoing their Enhanced Cadet Training Program.

The cadet-scholars enjoy free tuition, food, accommodation, uniform and first class trainings, among other perks, courtesy of IMEC shipping company member – sponsors.

Take note as well that they are being honed in none other school but the Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific (MAAP), a topnotch maritime institution of higher learning in the country.

Like the NSA Cadet Program, the scholars have to complete a 2-1-1 maritime education scheme.

Their first two years are spent in school while the third year is served at sea for apprenticeship. This provides them best chances to learn how to live and earn $$$$$ at sea.,

After then, they return back to MAAP, to finally complete their college degree.

Here’s more!

If other graduates of ‘nautical’ or ‘Mar-E’ have to find and kneel before shipping companies just to get an apprenticeship job, IMEC leveled-up cadets, on the other hand, swiftly return to their respective shipping companies either as junior officers now or to be promoted as ships’ officers soon.

Be a scholar

If you can hitch your wagon to a star and have dreamt of travelling the world while enjoying a hefty salary, apply for a scholarship grant today and join IMEC seafarers’ growing family.

IMEC has set the following requirements to be accepted in the program.


How to apply?

Fill-up this Application-form. Once completed, email it to  or hand-over/LBC to IMEC Manila with an office address of Unit D2, Garden Level, Corinthians Plaza, Paseo de Roxas, Legaspi Village, Makati City.

Once IMEC receives your application, they will contact and may schedule you for further assessment and interview.

Nationwide selection

IMEC uploaded below photo on its official Facebook page last July 7 (which actually prompted us to write this blog post to help them spread the good news).

The selection is still ongoing and they are even bringing the golden opportunity closer to you!?

If you are nearby Iloilo, General Santos or Palawan, check these exam dates and venues:


Kudos in your application, matey!

For further information, feel free to connect with the following:

Adam Lewis, IMEC Head of Training & Operations.


Dan Tolentino, Training Manager

Phone: 310 5211/ 310 5212


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Image courtesy of IMEC UK & Philippines.


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