Brutal pirates attack Captain Phillips’ ship

Piracy is a very serious threat to seafarers.

To give you an idea how deadly it is when pirates attack a ship, here’s how Abduwali Muse & his cohorts endangered the lives of seafarers toiling on board a US-registered container ship.


In April 2009, Muse led his men to invade Maersk Alabama, a big ship sailing 235 miles off Somalia coast the time she was attacked. Though they failed on first attempt, they had never stopped over 18 hours ‘till their plan was fulfilled.

We think it would be more interesting if we discuss Muse’s rudeness as shown in silver screens. By far, the thriller/drama movie ‘Captain Phillips’ is a hit.

Select scenes from the famous movie depict pirates as barbaric people, the ones you should not play fire with.


First, while going closer to the Maersk Alabama, Muse and his men had open-fired to her Captain and a crew. They saw them on the ship’s bridge wing, peeping over their approaching skiff, and they just started shooting!


Second, Maersk Alabama took evasive maneuvers, and even fire hoses had been quickly activated around the ship to deter pirates’ boarding. But it didn’t stop Muse’s gang to get onboard. As seen on this photo, Muse, armed with a high powered gun, had set foot on the ship’s main deck.


Third, The pirates had reached the bridge where Captain Phillips and two more crewmembers were maneuvering the ship. On their first meeting, Muse had assured the captain that nobody gets hurt if he gives them all the ship’s money.

“Captain, relax, nobody gets hurt. We want the money, when we get paid, everything will be okay,” he said.

But after some rubbish talks, he grabbed the public address phone from Captain Phillips and had threatened the hiding crewmembers. According to to Muse, they should come-out and surrender or else, they kill at gunpoint their hostages on the bridge.


Fourth, it’s ten million not thirty thousand US dollars ransom money, matey.

Capt. Phillips asked fellow hostage-crew Kenny of the thirty (30) thousand dollars ship’s money kept on the safe. The latter affirmed. He then quickly offered it all to Muse.

“We got uh..we got 30 thousand dollars on the safe.. Yeah, yeah as what I said we got thirty thousand dollars…It’s all yours.” the shaking captain uttered.

“Thirty thousand dollars? What do am I? Do I look like a beggar?” Muse, clad in a grungy fisherman’s dress, retorted in a trying hard American English accent.


Lastly, Muse gave Captain Phillips a pseudonym of Irish, and he showed him his appalling authority.

“Hey, look at me! I’m the captain now!” he shouted Captain Phillips when the Master resisted to obey his foul orders.

More pirates’ brutality were shown in the film. It’s really disturbing to note that seafarers, the men who transport valuable goods and commodities from coasts to coasts and keep the world’s economy afloat in general, were being hunted by pirates.

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Images courtesy of Sony Pictures/Columbia Entertainment. Capt. Phillips The Movie / YouTube.



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