8 Hot tips to snipe one illegal recruiter



Did you know that 75% of problems some Filipinos faced overseas were caused by illegal recruiters? It’s the bad news which Merliza M. Makinano, Director of the Department of Labour and Employment (DOLE) International Labour Service, affirmed during her visit in United Arab Emirates (UAE), and as per an online report posted by Gulf News General.

To eliminate illegal recruitment and/or prevent further damage, the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration(POEA), as the Official Gazette of the Philippines writes online, warns Filipino workers against accepting offers of employment without proper work documents or using the “the easy way out” via the “no tourist visa” arrangement with ASEAN member states such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, and Thailand.

It’s also my advocacy to fight illegal recruitment hence, I’ll be giving you here some hot tips how to identify and avoid badass illegal recruiters!

Here’s how.

1. He asks you to post an immediate placement fee. If paid, he doesn’t issue any official receipt.
2. He promises a swift departure.
3. He required you to undertake any medical examination and/or training even without properly disclosing an applicable employment contract and/or a trusted employer.
4. He invited you to deal with him inside a mall, restaurant and any other public place and not inside a licensed recruitment agency’s office.
5. You may see him doing house-to-house recruitment in the community and when asked about the job offer, he has likely little or no concrete idea about it.
6. He represents himself as one agent of a direct-hiring employer. For such reason, he tells you that the job offer doesn’t need to pass by POEA’s scrutiny.
7. He tells you that he came from a licensed recruitment agency but he has no Identification Card (ID) to show.
8. He encourages you to help him look for other work-abroad aspirants like you. If you happen to cooperate, he would expedite your flight abroad, even saying you can leave the country without a valid employment contract or a working visa.


Peepz, illegal recruiters are likely afraid of educated men!
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