2 Simple and proven ways to prevent HIV/AIDS


Practice safe sex and avoid contact with a HIV/AIDS infected blood – these are highly recommended prevention measures to observe if you want to live a healthy and longer life.

Probably because of poor attitude towards living a healthy lifestyle and lack of knowledge about the disease, HIV/AIDS infection became rampant among Overseas Filipino Workers, particularly seafarers. In a blogpost I wrote entitled ‘5 well-grounded reasons why seafarers get HIV/AIDS’ we can infer than due to the nature of our occupation, seafarers likely acquire the deadly malady.

If you are a seafarer, when was the last time you engaged in an unprotected sex? Of course, it’s your personal secret and you don’t need to tell us. But I wonder if have you got yourself tested recently? If you have second thoughts about your HIV/AIDS status, go to your local health department, community clinic, private doctor or family planning clinics now, and get yourself screened!

“Mahalagang malaman ang iyong HIV status. Huwag Matakot, Huwag Mahiya. Narito ang DOH para sa inyo. Pumunta na sa pinakamalapit na testing Centers. Libre po ito.” ex-secretary Janet Garin, Department of Health (DOH) Press Release/May 6, 2015.

For more information about HIV/AIDS from DOH, read this.

On the other hand, one helpful ITF publication states verbatim;
The best way for sexually active people to protect themselves from HIV is to have safe sex, using a condom every time they have sexual intercourse.

In addition, we can learn how to avoid infected blood from it.
• Do not share razor blades or syringes (injections) with anyone.
• Ensure that body piercing and tattooing equipment is sterilised
• Do not let blood from a cut on someone else get into any cut on your own skin. Lastly,
• if there is an accident at work or on the road, follow the correct safety procedures, known as universal precautions.

There is still no cure for HIV/AIDS. It is only by keen prevention that one can stop the virus to break inside the borders of his own body.


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