Seafarers love to play basketball at sea

Play ball, basketball!…shall we?

Mark Palestra, a Second Officer working onboard a Stolt Tanker ship, shared us some photos of their basketball tournament at sea.

“This kind of activity helps us to fight boredom at sea. It also fosters camaraderie among participating crew,” the 26 year-old navigator said.

We also asked Mark how challenging it is to live and work in an ocean-going ship, to which he replied;

“Life onboard is not easy. In order to gain a bigger salary, we should be away from our families.

“We need to leave the comfort of our homes, change our lifestyle, and maybe worst of all, you seldom see and guide your growing children,”

However, to ease the difficulties seafarers like him endure, the crew welfare can be fostered. On Mark’s ship for example, the management upholds a kind of lifestyle comfortable to whole group.

“In order for us not to get bored easily, the officers, especially the SMT, bring the comfort of our homes onboard. It may not be exactly like what we used to have on land but it’s better than having nothing at all.” Mark said.

Columnist Joaquin M. Henson of Philstar writes that to Filipinos, basketball is a way of life.

Unsurprisingly, the Philippines is the third largest market, next to US & China, of Nike game shoes, and other sports apparel product.

The interest of seafarers to play basketball is quite remarkable. Hence, we won’t be surprised that one day, some sailors dribble their career to NBA and are taking big shots, perhaps bigger than what our idols LeBron James and Stephen Curry have had ever achieved!?

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Photo courtesy of Mark Palestra.

Do you play basketball in your ship too?

What are your thoughts about Filipino seafarers’ love for this game?

Let’s hear your voice. Leave a reply below.


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