LOOK: It’s show time of Pinoy cruisers!

A group of cruise ship workers and job seekers jovially appeared on ‘It’s Showtime’, a noontime TV show of ABS-CBN last Wednesday, May 24.

Led by the ‘most travelled’ Pinoy and Vblogger Rinell Banda, they had proven that the Filipino cruisers community is getting bigger, and louder to fulfil a special positive role in our society.

“For group exposure and the excess money collected, we give it to the community.” shared Banda to The Republic.

In May 14, Banda’s Buhay Sa Cruise Ship (BSCS) group initiated a gift-giving activity which benefited around 100 poor people in Manila.

Here are BSCS’s photos during their community service and TV guesting.


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What can you say about Pinoy cruisers guesting on It’s Showtime?

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