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Top reminders Seaman’s Book owners should not ignore

Did you know that aside from issuing it, the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) has the right to suspend/cancel your Seafarer’s Identification and Record Book (SIRB)?

Based on its Memorandum Circular No. 87, the SIRB or seaman’s book – as what it’s commonly called by many seafarers is subject for suspension/revocation or mandatory cancellation if its holder has committed at least one of the following blunders:


• Incompetence, negligence of incapacity in the performance of duty.
• Intemperate habits such as drunkenness tending to cause immediate loss or destruction or serious damage to the vessel or tending to endanger the life of any person organic to or passenger of such vessel.
• Insubordination or direct assault.
• Violation of the terms and conditions of the contract without just cause.
• Final conviction by a court of competent jurisdiction of a crime involving moral turpitude.

Mandatory cancellation

• Assault with dangerous weapon
• Malicious destruction of ship’s property
• Misconduct resulting in loss of life and/or serious injury
• Molestation of passenger
• Murder or attempted murder
• Mutiny
• Possession, use, sale or association with prohibited drugs, including marijuana
• Sabotage
• Court conviction of a crime involving moral turpitude
• Smuggling of aliens or goods including firearms and ammunition
• Theft of ship’s property or stores
• Perversion
• Jumping ship
• Serious neglect of duty

Dubbed as the ‘second wife’ of many seafarers, the seaman’s book is a necessary work document. Will you agree with us if we say, NO SIRB, NO CAREER AT SEA?

If yes, do not give MARINA a sound reason why it has to suspend or cancel your seaman’s book!

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MARINA logo screengrabbed from STCW Office/Facebook.


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  1. Hello buddy. I ask some information regarding to seamans book, my friend of mine erased the title of rank on his seamanbook for promotion purpose, this erasure regstered to POEA. he likes to joint other fleet for promotion


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