Confession of a Filipina cruise ship worker: Life is liver in the river!

A New Yorker and former US Representative Maurice Dunlea Hinchey has taught us that the importance of the river cannot be overstated in the history of the country, or the development of the nation.

But on this blog post we will not be talking about River Nile and how civilization of great Egyptian empires and cities had flourished on its banks rather, we will literally listen to your visionary cruiser self as it sings the famous 1974 Al Green’s song title – Take me to the River.

Why the river and not the sea?

James ‘Jim’ Harrison, a famous American writer who was dubbed as ‘a force of nature’ due to his compelling essays about the outdoors, once said that you can’t be unhappy in the middle of a big, beautiful river.

Look on Danube River, for example, which according to Budapest River Cruise, is a hot spot for tourists taking romantic river cruises to see the genuine beauty, and century old grace of Budapest, Hungary.


Image: Pixabay

Now we know why Katy Perry, on her hit song Legendary Lovers, sang soulfully these lovely lines –

(Oohrayt, think of your legendary ones in life and sing with me!)

Take me down to the river
Underneath the blood-orange sun
Say my name like a scripture
Keep my heart beating like a drum

Legendary lovers…legendary…la la la la la.

That’s fun, yeah!?! 🙂 🙂

Ok, time to go back to work.

Speaking of work, I discovered that it’s more ‘fun’ to work in a river cruise ship than in an internationally seagoing luxury ship.

Meet Marie Fayth, a hardworking and beautiful chef de rang in Danube.


In an online interview, Ms. Fayth had confided she used to toil on colossal cruise ships few years ago but she transferred to a river cruise ship and she got a plum job!


Here are her reasons why:



(No big waves so eventually, you won’t feel seasick.)


(Every time we go to work in the morning, it’s not depressing since you see the scenic views on both sides of the ship thru the windows of our restaurant.)


(There’s less pressure since we only have one superior in dining. We’re merely 50 crew members on board so in any gatherings and happenings, we’re like one family.)


( We were being provided with new uniforms every time we join the vessel.)


(Work is better and we interact closer to our guests since we only accommodate 190 passengers per cruise.)


(No sharing of restaurant equipment since the maitre provides enough supplies.)


(We enjoy 2 days per month resting the whole day. The soaps, WIFI and uniforms are usually free of charge.)


(In general, I like to work here in river than in ocean cruise ship.)

Like Fayth, you can succeed in life too!

Are you ready to take the challenge to the next ‘river’? 🙂

Start by sending your CVs today to the following recruitment agencies.

  • Multinational Ship Management (Vikings)
  • Jebsen (Tauck)
  • Gloria Maritime (Avalon)

*Photos credit of Ms. Marie Fayth


Share your thoughts about working on a river cruise ship by writing a comment below!

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