#WPCSDay2017: ‘Very much qualified’ candidates found and will start working in cruise ships soon

We believe that a thousand miles journey starts with a single step. In particular, cruise job hopefuls attended this year’s biggest gathering of cruise enthusiasts, a special event held in Manila last Saturday, April 22.

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Since head organizer Rinell Banda invited major cruise-hiring agencies’ representatives like Magsaysay and UPL, among others, job seekers were able to submit their CVs and may snatch their dream job at sea soon.

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Ms. Jha Quinanahan, a proud event volunteer, showed as that moment when she posted this in Facebook:


©J. Quinanahan

Meanwhile, Ms. Jen Castaneda, one of the admins of Working Pinoy:Cruise Ship (WPCS) Facebook page and a recruitment specialist of Magsaysay, expressed her gratitude to all the participants.

“I am very much overwhelmed sa mga members natin who cooperate and participate,” she said.

“It is very helpful sa part ng members pati saming mga nasa manning.

“Like ngayon, ang dami naming openings na di na kaya ng pool, we found candidates na VERY MUCH QUALIFIED.”

Since the event was well supported by many WPCS members, Ms. Jen assured that such support will be reciprocated.

“Hindi kami magsasawa na tumulong sa WPCS members natin.”

Set in PATTS College of Aeronautics Taguig, the 2017 WPCS Grand Meet and Greet was reportedly graced by more than 300 participants.

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Kudos to all the organizers and highly hope for the best, cruise aspirants!


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