Pinoy Seafarers bring more ‘sun’ at work thru sports

“We are family. This is fun.” said Polish Capt. Marek Anuskiewicz before the jovial Filipino crowd in a special event which celebrates crewmembers’ success in the recently concluded basketball tournament onboard tanker ship SKS Mosel.


On April 6, 2017, an awarding ceremony was held late night onboard to recognize adept players of SKS Mosel Basketball Games – Season 2.


Team 1 [C/Off. A. Barnizo, Ftr. R. Mayordo, AB1 M. Gracia & OS J. Celeste] snatched the season’s championship title & top prize, while Team 2 [Bsn. R. Gocoyo, C/Cook R. Arcellano Jr., Mtm. E. Mercado, & Wpr. A. Geroy] and Team 3 [2/Off. C. Abaquita, 4th Engr. M. Sumpay, 0S M. Dumol & Msn. K. Juloya] were hailed as first and second runner-ups, respectively.


For the individual awards, Msn. Kasper Juloya, C/Cook Rufino Arcellano Jr. AB Mervin Garcia, Ftr. Raymund Mayordo & Pmn. Raffy Magtibay were hailed as ‘Mythical Players’ of their respective team.


Meanwhile, 4th Engr. Miguel Sumpay was recipient of the ‘Most Improved Player’ (MIP) special award while MTM Errold Mercado was ‘Most Valuable Player’ (MVP) after leading the online votes in Facebook by a wide margin of almost 7% from his closest rival, PMN Magtibay.

“Ours was not just a basketball game. I can feel the spirit of unity…of brotherhood on this event.” said Mercado when asked for his comment about the activity.


Various fun and games like Pinoy Henyo, longest line and trip to Jerusalem, among others, were then played by the Filipino crew after the awarding ceremony.

MT SKS Mosel is deployed in Lome, Togo since December 2016 up to date. On her current mission in West Africa, the crew has to endure physically demanding jobs, homesickness, boredom & isolation and adverse effect of very hot weather.

Nevertheless, knowing how to maintain cohesiveness and have more fun and laughter in the floating jungle leave no stone upturned for us to live a brighter life at sea.


What can you say about our Filipino seafarers love for basketball?

Do you believe that thru sports, migrant workers can ease homesickness & boredom overseas?

Comment your thoughts below.

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