Su-pa-care’s Super Cash: A seafarer’s medical dilemma

Let me be clear, I wrote this blog post not to pull-down a certain medical clinic but to highlight the fact that there is always a room for improvement, and that our seafarers and seafarer aspirants deserve a fair, professional and quality service from any medical institution.

Few days ago, a colleague talked about his recent medical examination experience.

Marco, a resident of Baguio City, was a former Costa cruise crewmember. I know him as a responsible and loving father of his family. To provide them a comfortable life and bright future, he was determined to comply with the job requirements of his new employer.

Well, everything went fine… if only his medical exam did not turn out to be a real can of worms.


Marco started his medical examination last January 30, 2017. He diligently submitted himself (as required by the company) to Su-pah-care, a leading medical clinic for seafarers in Ermita, Manila.

After his medical exam, he went back to Baguio. At home, he waited for Su-pah-care to update him of his medical exam result. As advised by the clinic, he could check the result on their website.

Almost every day he’s checking Su-pah-care’s website. But according to Marco, it was only in March 22 that an initial result was posted online.

That time, he was ‘Temporarily unfit’.


22 mar

The following day, he checked his medical exam result again but he was surprised to see that his ‘Temporarily unfit’ status had been changed to ‘Pending due to x-ray findings and pulmo clearance’.

Consequently, the clinic has recommended him ‘reread c/o su-pah-care; for follow-up, clarification on clearance;”.


What to do?

“Sir, what to do?” asked Marco in a low voice.

It was apparent to me that he was devastated. Hence, I advised him, “Call them and asked what happened. It might be a clerical error only.”

“I had been calling them several times today sir, but they aren’t picking up the phone,” he said.

“Try and try again.” I insisted.

Few hours passed, Marco sent me a new message. He said that he was able to contact the clinic. However, they didn’t give any explanation on why his ‘Temporarily unfit’ status was drastically changed to ‘Pending’. No apologies given too.

The clinic merely instructed him to go back and personally close the case.

Marco followed.

From Baguio City to Manila, Marco has to endure more or less 6 hours of travel. Aboard an air-conditioned bus, he was deeply worried.

“Ano na naman kayang sakit ang ilalagay nila sakin sir? I’m afraid of more horrible things they can do to me. I better quit. Wala na akong pera sir,” he told me.

His sudden idea of giving-up was heart breaking. Yes, he was on his uppers.

Rumour has it

I asked some other seafarer colleagues about Su-pah-care. On why the word ‘supercash’ was conjoined with the clinic’s name, here’s what they told me:

(I don’t intend to hang someone’s clothes in public but these statements might help us understand why Marco wanted to quit.)

“Yes, su-pah-care ako [nagpa-medical] at ang biruan na tawag namin lagi doon ay supercash…”

“Well, halos naman lahat dumaan diyan. ‘Di nga lang malala iyong sa akin pero nagprepare na rin ako [ng pera] bago ako magpamedical. Iba-iba rin kasing case eh…”

“Pinayuhan kami ng HR about sa medical. Kasi daw baka iilan lang samin ang makaalis. Nadala na sila sa previous batch na halos wala sa kalahati ang nakaalis dahil sa medical. Ang sakit diba?”

“Isang kasamahan ko nagback-out. Katatapos lang siya ng medical niya. Hinihingan daw siya ng 150k for surgery kasi ‘di raw pwede ang laki ng pusod niya.”

“Hindi naman nila sinasabi na magbayad ka nalang pero ‘yun bang they set-up a venue na kung saan, mukhang mapipilitan ang marino na i-settle na lang kesa maubos pera niya sa byahe-byahe.”

”Maraming sinisirang career si su-pah-care… Kawawa ‘yung mga crew na papaalis. Binibigyan pa ng sakit.”


Going back to Marco, he shared me another not so cool experience when he continued his medical exam. This time, our supercash fear turned real.

This is the actual convo of Marco and Doctor James, as voice recorded around 1500H, March 29.

Doctor James asked Marco of his previous medical test & clearance conducted by a certain Dr. Taamayonaise.

Doctor J: Saang clinic yun?

Marco: Manila Doctors, Room 2*4.

Doctor J: Bakit ka pinaclearance?

Marco: Sabi kasi nila [Su-pa-care] dun sir. Punta daw ako sa Manila Doctors. Sabi ko kanino pong doctor? Sabi niya kahit sinong nandun basta pulmo. Yun ang sabi sir

Doctor J: Eh nagdoble bayad ka pa.

Marco: Yes sir, tas na-ultrasound pa’ko kasi sir eh…marelease ang ultrasound, siningil ako ng.

Doctor J: Linawin mo

Marco: Siningil ako ng 2525, sir eh…

Doctor J: Nino?

Marco: Ni Taamayonaise.

Doctor J: Bakit 2, 5?

Marco: May clearance nadaw kasi sir. Tapos siningil niya pa ako ng 600.

Doctor J: Doctor’s fee yun?

Marco: Opo

Doctor J: ‘Nak ng ****(Napamura si Doc)

A day prior to this meeting, Marco can be found inside Su-pa-care’s clinic. He arrived straight there early morning of March 28, and got a queue number. After more than 8 hours of patiently waiting, the attending personnel finally called him. That time, he haven’t had enough sleep yet since he travelled overnight from Baguio.

But to sit more than 8 hours inside the clinic was not enough. In fact, he has to return to Su-pa-care the next day.

Sigh. Su-per-slow service too?


The next morning, Marco returned to Su-pa-care and got a No. 2 queue number. Normally, the queuing system is observed but for an unknown reason, Marco’s number was skipped again.

Baffled, he sent me a message. He said that they’re already attending person No. 30 that time.

 “Something’s wrong.I said.

Baka ine-edit pa sir yung sakit na ilalagay sa akin,he jokingly replied.

“Approach the front desk and tell them that you have been skipped.” I instructed him.

After an hour, Marco updated me that he sternly insisted to meet the Su-pa-care’s head doctor. His request was granted, After their meet-up, he overheard the doctor talking something fishy to Rowiwi.

Sabi ni doctor kay Rowiwi, pag pulmonary daw wag mag-ulit ulit kasi pwede daw ako magpacheck-up sa iba at masisita sila.

Rowiwi was a nurse of Su-pa-care who referred Marco to two doctors for his medical exam and medical clearance. The first was Dr. Taamayonaise, and the second one was a resident doctor of University of Santo Tomas (UST) Hospital.

Dr. Taamayonaise

Earlier, you have read Marco and Doctor Jame’s conversation about the former’s previous medical exam conducted by none other than but Dr. Taamayonaise.

The day Rowiwi referred Dr. Taamayonaise, Su-pa-care’s resident doctor was absent.

In Room 2*4 of Manila Doctor’s Hospital, the good doctor examined the seafarer. Marco learned from him that a part of his chest was “pudpod” (worn-out). Aside from the x-ray, he was advised to avail the ultrasound service. For all the services he availed plus a medical clearance certificate, Marco said that he had paid Dr. Taamayonaise a total of four thousand and seven hundred pesos (Php 4,700.00).

Confused of the new referral for medical clearance, Marco asked Su-pa-care why he have to visit the UST doctor. What was clear to him, Dr. Taamayonaise had cleared him already.

“Sir nagkamali daw ng pagbasa ng x-ray ko si Taamayonaise. Hindi rin daw siya kilala ng Su-pa-care, sir. Yon sabi nila sakin,” Marco told me.

Nagrefer ng hindi kilala. Eh di WOW?

A good warning

The UST doctor was cancelled. However, late afternoon of March 28, Marco went to Doctor James for his medical clearance, as advised by Su-pa-care.


Doctor J: Bakit ka pinaclearance?

Marco: Sabi kasi nila [Su-pa-care] dun sir. Punta daw ako sa Manila Doctors. Sabi ko kanino pong doctor? Sabi niya kahit sinong nandun basta pulmo. Yun ang sabi sir

Doctor J: Eh nagdoble bayad ka pa.

To get a medical clearance certificate, Dr. James and Marco just talked with each other. Finally, his medical was closed.

I asked Marco what if he wasn’t referred to Dr. Taamayonaise. His short reply broke my heart.

“Yung pera na binayad ko, pambili pa sana ng gatas ng anak ko yun, sir.


The names of Marco, Dr. Taamayonaise, Dr. James and Rowiwi are not real.





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  1. hi goodpm po s lht,gus2 ko lng pong ishare ang nging experience ko dyn s super cash n yn.s 22o lng po 7x n po akong sumasakay at ngppmedical pero itong taon lng po last feb.ngpamedical po ako dyn s clinic n yan at sbi po nla my gallbladder stone po ako at recommended is for removal,ngpunta po ako s agency ko pra manghingi ng advice pro wla dw po clang mggwa kung gus2 ko dw pong umalis kailangan ko pong mgpaopera..dahil po s kagus2han kong mkaalis agd dhl kailangan kailangan po kc single mom po ako at naubos lht ng savings ko ng mamatay nanay ko last year 2016 wla po akong ngwa kundi mgpaopera siningil po ako ng di aabot s 70k pesos at after 1wk po clear nmn nla ako pro mskit po nito ngpaopera ako at pumayag s supercash n mgpaopera kht npkamahal na sna pra s pangastos n lng nmn magiina hbng d p ako nkakaalis eh npunta dun operation n sbi ng supercare eh kailangan2 n tanggalin,pro po s ngayon naubos n pera ko dhl dyn s supercash n yan eh matagal p pla alis ko..kung alam ko lng d n sna ako pumayag s supercash n yan n magpaopera…sna ipasara n lmg yang clinic n yan n sobra mangikil s mga seafarer tpos ibang mga staff mayayabang p at msusungit…


    • Leave it all to GOD ALMIGHTY, SIYA lng ang magbibigay ng matinding aksyon sa mga ganyang klaseng tao. Mga walang respeto sa mga PAGHIHIRAP,PAGSISIKAP AT SAKRIPISYO ng mga OFW. Sa halip na magmalasakit , INGGIT pa nanaig sa kanila dahil sila hindi makaalis ng bansa o baka pinagiipunan na nila pr makapagabroad din sila o mga BIGTIME INGGETERA’T INGGETERO sa mga sweldo ng OFW lalo na ng mga SEAFARERS.

      Sana may magseryosong Ahensya ng Gobyerno na TUMULONG sa mga OFW natin at masusing imbestigahan ang lahat ng Medical Clinic na mapagsamantala.



  2. Everything is true about this super cash.. I’ve experience it several times.. Every medical ko lagi na lng sa findingz nila may UTI ako.. Pero before and after ng medical ko nagpapacheck up ako sa personal doctor ko and OB..negative nman results.. I tried the 3rd time n pinabalik nila ko bcoz of that said UTI I have them the result of my examination conducted by my personal doctor saying that wala nmn tlaga ako UTI.. but they would’nt accept it. But to my surprise bigla na lng clear n ko… O di ba?? Kaya nga Hwag tayo basta papayag sa sinasabi nila kapag sinabi nila na may sakit ka try mo magpasecond opinion sa ibang doctor na hindi nila nirefer


  3. hi good day share ko lang din experience ng cousin at husband ko sa supercare manila. Yung cousin ko nag pa sched sa kanila for physial exam dahil di pa naman siya mag rerenew ng medical pero pinatagal pa nila yung result bago nila irelease paalis nalang yung pinsan ko pero ayaw pa nila irelease yung result kung di pa sila aawayin hindi nila ibibigay. And now yung husband ko naman nag pa medical nung march 6, 2017 fit ang result pero nakita nila yung tuyong sugat sa kamay ng husband ko which is yung allergy niya na nakuha sa barko kaya nirequest nila ng “patch test” nirefer nila kami sa Manila doctors. Nagbayad kami ng 6,500 sa madocs para sa test at pag labas ng result after 1 week pinasa agad ng husband ko sa super care ang unang nakalagay sa onlne transmittal ” waiting for recommendation ℅ RCCL” ” Temporarily Unfit” then nung april 18, 2017 nakalagay na ” To send update ℅ RCCL” after ilang days ang nakalagay nanaman ” Waiting for mrf certificate” tumawag kami agad sa kanila since nag update yung online nila pero ang sabi ng kausap ko waiting parin daw ng approval ng principal tinanong ko siya bakit nag update yung online kung waiting parin ng approval sabi niya wait maam palitan ko lang po then pinalitan niya ang nilagay niya “Awaiting approval from principal” sabay sabi yan maam napalitan ko na po. Pero bago niya gawin yun Hinold niya yung phone for a minute may kinausap siyang nag tanong siya kung may update na yung medical ng husband ko then sabi wala daw tinawag niyang sir gino yung kausap niya. always kami nag fofollow up sa kanila pero walang update lagi ang sinasabi nila. Dapat Joining date ng husband ko nung april 29 pero di siya nakaalis dahil wala pa yung medical niya, Nagtataka lang kami dahil nung april 16, 2017 may email kaming na receive, contract na pinipirmahan ng husband ko kapag naka onboard siya at sabi ng co workers niya onbord naka line up siya dun sa barko and expected siya na darating nung april 29. Hanggang ngayon walang update ang super care, dapat siguro mag kaisa ang mga Seafarer na nagka problema sa super care dapat nirereport sila since hindi lang isang tao ang nagrereklamo sa ginagawa nila para matigil na yung mga pang hohold nila sa tao.


  4. Just this morning nalaman kong ganyan din ang findings sakin sa supercare. Nakakalungkot kasi sa batch ko sa upl pang ilan na kong binigyan nila ng ganyang findings. Most of them ang findings sa cbc daw. Imbis na nakakaasikaso na ko ng ibang papeles ko kelangan ko pa silang balik balikan para jan. Wala naman akong choice kundi sumunod sa kagustuhan para para mafit to work na ko. Nakakapanghina ng loob.


  5. same story sakin yung seafarer sa post na ‘to. Just this morning nalaman kong may pulmo scar ako kuno. Like wtf?? Lahat ng test na ginawa sakin sa supercare maayos. Wala akong history ng ganyang sakit tapos biglang may pulmo scar daw ako. Joke ba ‘to? Then the staff told me to come back to their clinic on monday para sa sputum test at para sa clearnance. Grabe. Imbis na makakapag visa na ko kelangan ko pang bumalik balik sa supercare para mafit lang ako.


  6. Haaaaaaysss… Hindi lang pala ako. It is my first time to renew my medical in supacare. 1st day 15th of december 2016, i was so happy to finished my medical examination from 6am till 11am during the same day. I was surprised kasi hindi ko ini-expect na magiging mabilis lng pala. Then they told me to check online for the status of my medical examination for approval. Confident ako kasi wala po ako bisyo. Even on my previous medical examination from different clinic na wala akong findings. Eto na, confident ako na walang findings sa akin kasi po health conscious ako. So january 8,2017 ko chineck online ang status ko sa supacare to spend my 1st ever christmas and newyear with my family. Suddenly, my triglyciride was elevated ang findings. So went back to supacare then they just told me to buy some medicine from them and take those for 1 month. Once i showed them the meds, ok na daw po yun. Pero after a week pinapabalik na naman ako kasi daw kailangan ako kausapin. Meron daw akong grade 1 varicocoele. Its a very long story po, i end up having surgery even thou my surgeon doesnt want me to do the surgery kasi nga daw po its unnecessary and asymptomatic. Sa kagustuhan ko makasakay at matupad ang munting pangarap sa pamilya ko ay bigla po unti-ubting nawawala dahil sa findings na hindi naman na tama. Nalaman ko nalang mismo sa principal ko itong supacare ay hindi nagpa-followup sa principal ko kahit na ang agency ko ay madaming beses na ngemail sa supacare para sa sagot ng principal ko. Until now, temporary unfit ako kahit na fit to work na ang mga documents ko galing pa mismo sa surgeons ko. From 12/15/16 to present,wala pa din progress. Nakakawalan ng pagasa…


  7. Hi. Seaman po ang tatay ko. Diyan din sya nagpapa-medical. Hindi naman din siguro tama ang akusasyon ng karamihan tungkol sa clinic na yan. Hindi lahat ng empleyado ay ganyan ang turing sa mga pasyente, katulad ng tatay ko. Medyo natagalan din bago ma-fit, pero sinigurado nila na “FIT” talaga ang tatay ko bago sya sumakay. Nai-explain ng maayos to ng isang nurse kung bakit at kung ano ang kailangan gawin para lang maiwasan ang anumang pangyayari na hindi natin masasabi na pedeng mangyari sa barko.

    Concern lang ako kasi masyado na mapang-husga ang mga seaman na hindi nila inaalam ang tunay na ibig sabihin ng pre-employment medical examination. Naiintindihan ko din naman ang mga hinaing ng bawat isa sainyo.

    Napapagastos kayo, nahihirapan kayo, at sa hindi inaasahan minsan ay naa-unfit. Kung ikaw tatanungin. Malalaman mo ba kung may sakit ka? Alam mo ba gagawin mo? Diba puro tanong ka din? Nagbabago ang katawan ng tao, at malamang di mo yun alam kasi nga “wala ka namang nararamdaman”, kaya sa pagkakaalam mo ay wala kang sakit.

    Ang maipapayo ko lang sainyo, ay alagaan ang sarili, ang kalusugan. Kasi una sa lahat katawan nyo naman ang puhunan nyo. Kung di nyo aalagaan sarili nyo, malamang magkakaron kayo ng findings. At para maiwasan ang ma-supa cash, panatilihing maganda ang kalagayan ng sarili, umiwas sa hindi magandang gawain.


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